Results of the Incrementalists Audiobook Giveaway

I have word from Skye and Steve and they have chosen winners! They have–and I here take the liberty of quoting them directly–weenied out by allowing themselves two winners in each of the three contest categories. There were too many beautiful, thoughtful entries to choose just three winners.

Contest #1Would you take the gamble and join the Incrementalists? Winners: chaosprime and Kevin O’Neill

Contest #2What would be your first project? Winners: Majikjon and evergreen

Contest #3What have the Incrementalists already done? Winners: skyeyedoc and Dennis_H

Furthermore, the authors have awarded a Gold Star Bonus to SMW for sheer ballsiness.

Congratulations, winners! Please check your email. You should have a message from me that is clearly labeled as being about this contest and I need you to reply to me. If you have already replied to me, please disregard the previous instruction. If you are listed here as a winner and don’t have an email, please drop me a line–> jenphalian “at” gmail.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated. This was a lot of fun for our beloved and intrepid authors.

8 thoughts on “Results of the Incrementalists Audiobook Giveaway”

  1. And SMH deserves it, too. Well done all! Myself, I’d like to thank the Academy for their generosity and for having written the thing in the first place. ;)

  2. Down to just one winner left to respond! It probably says something weird about me that I’m as pleased about that as I am about your entries. Thanks for working with my email bureaucracy, everyone!

  3. This was great fun, and a wonderful kick-off to my week. I’ll be listening on my way to “not working” for the Federal government today.

  4. The audiobook is absolutely wonderful so far. Thank you!

    I’m gratified to have earned a Gold Star for “ballsiness.” I can’t argue with that flattering characterization… because I did play the game to win. I wrote the vignette from a political point of view that was appropriate for the character, but that doesn’t match my own politics. Steve does that himself often enough, and with far more subtlety.

    If you can forgive that craftiness, the sincerity of my high esteem for Steve can be measured by the fact that my daughter’s middle name is Aliera.

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