The Incrementalists Launch Day at Bitten By Books

Skyler and l will be on Bitten By Books chatting on Tuesday the 24th (the day after tomorrow, holy shit!).  They’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift certificate. So come hang out.

Just because I’m enjoying gathering them together, here are some other links:

The official book web site (including tour dates)

The trailer (I mean, seriously, a trailer!)

A starred review from Booklist

My favorite review (of anything, ever)

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7 thoughts on “The Incrementalists Launch Day at Bitten By Books”

  1. Wow. Several authors have just landed on the floor, dead of envy. What great reviews!
    (Sorry, Steve, it deserved an exclamation point.) I told you it was genre-bending, or something like that.

  2. ^ I second that, Chaosprime. I just pitched it to my dad, who detests my fantasy readings/writing projects, with, “But Vegas and Poker and Secret Societies and the Easter-egg-hunt for references that you’ll actually get because you’re not a reclusive nineteen-year-old! EXPLAIN THEM TO ME I DEMAND IT I DECIDE WHAT HOME YOU DIE IN.”

    Anyway. . . congratulations Steve and Sky!

  3. It’s the 24th September already and they won’t sell it to me; I stayed up late and everything, and now I’m sulking.

    I hate it when they do that…

  4. Alas, here on this side of the pond it has still not arrived in dead tree version, and no mention of it on Kindle, so I have bitten the bullet, gritted my teeth and ticked the ‘personalised message to your publisher’ box begging you and Tor to put this right.

    I should, perhaps, explain that Kindles are a lot easier to read than dead tree versions when one is bouncing on a miniature trampoline whilst simultaneously trying not to throttle oneself on one’s oxygen line, though I appreciate that this may not be a large market sector.

    In the meantime, however, it occurred to me that this might be the ideal time to buy my first audiobook, which has made it over here, were it not for the fact that headphones attached to my laptop might also pose problems with the miniature trampoline and the oxygen line.

    But whichever way I solve it I’m pretty sure I shall be able to write a review with an unusual perspective…

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