When Is A “Quickie” Okay?

I’m in Austin, Texas now, and today I drove by a place on Lamar called “Quickie Tattoo.”  I was thinking how, if I wanted a tattoo, “quickie” wouldn’t be the first thing that attracted me.  This, in turn, made me consider when it is okay to have a “quickie” (in the non-sexual sense).

The first thing that sprang to mind is: If some author happened to be hanging around somewhere online and I could shoot him a quickie question, why, that would be fine.

By pure coincidence, I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit one week from today.  I’ll be fielding questions about everything except for stuff I don’t know anything about.  Don’t ask me those things.  Anything else is fine.

The exact URL will be posted here and tweeted the morning the 17th, and you can start sending in questions then.

And I’ll have an announcement regarding The Incrementalists and why I love my publisher like, uh, like something that loves something a lot.  I won’t spend a lot of time on the announcement, though.  It’ll just be kind of a quickie.


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10 thoughts on “When Is A “Quickie” Okay?”

  1. Dammit now “quickie” has stopped sounding like a word.

    …Actually, I’m not sure it *ever* sounded like a word… but you know what I mean.

  2. @Matt: > Dammit now “quickie” has stopped sounding like a word.

    Heh. Semantic satiation seems to work faster on simple words you don’t see written out a lot, and “quickie” qualifies. And now “qualifies” is looking broken for me too, by some kind of lexical contagion…

    skzb, do you want a ringer question or two for your AMA? Just to prime the pump?

  3. I think this “quickie” post will verberate through the internets for years to come.

    (Brought to you by the Society for the Preservation of Lost Root Forms)

  4. Jerry: Ma’am, I’m not sure about the campaign for this tattoo parlor.
    Ms. Pennyworth: For fuck’s sake, Jerry, no one is paying you to THINK.
    J: I know, but… uh… this slogan…
    MP: What about the slogan?
    J: “Come in for a Quickie?”
    MP: Jerry, market research shows that the target demographic values fast work over speed and even quality.
    J: Doesn’t it sound a bit like an ad for a brothel?
    MP: For the last goddamned time, Jerry, the Hal’s Happy House account was assigned to Pat, and Pat is keeping it! Now get back to work!
    J: Yes’m.

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