Worldcon–a Vague Gesture Toward a Report

Only my second ever Worldcon.  It was hot, and stepping outside to smoke was no more pleasant than you’d think; but I had my e-cigarette, which helped.  Parking was a pain in the arse, and food was way too expensive.  Okay, that about concludes my bitching.

It was great seeing old friends, and meeting people I only knew from online.  And sorry to those of you I omit from the following; I’m just hitting a few things.

Friday Aug. 30, noon, Autographing session (Convention Center)

This is the first time I’ve ever filled out the whole hour without running out of people wanting things signed.  And everyone was really nice.  It was fun.

Friday Aug. 30, 3pm, Steven Brust concert (Ballroom A, Convention Center)

Better than expected; I think I pleased the audience.  Turn-out was fair, though the room was so big it didn’t necessarily feel like it.  But I didn’t horribly blow it.

Later, I sat in for a couple of songs on drum with my old friend John Purcell; had a good time with that, then dashed out for a smoke.

Friday Aug. 30 9PM Control of a long series. 106B Convention Center

The best of the three panels I was on. I think we all had interesting things to say, and there was even some mild disagreement here and there, which always adds spice (strong disagreement adds even more spice, but you can’t have everything).  Everyone was smart, and useful things were discussed.  Bear kept good control of the panel, and never had to clobber me.  Very hard.

Tor Party Friday Night.

Fun, but didn’t stay long.  The high point was Mary Robinette Kowal doing a private reading of part of The Incrementalists.  SO GOOD! SO GEEKED.  SQUEEEEEE.

Saturday Aug. 31, 5pm, Panel “The Enduring Popularity of Firefly” (006CD Convention Center)

About what you’d expect: We love Firefly, we hate that it was cancelled, it’ll probably never be back, but let’s not give up hope.  Same as every other Firefly panel.  But it was okay, because, well, I love Firefly, and the other panelists were fun.

Saturday Aug. 31, 7pm?-? Drinks With Authors (Ernie’s Bar, behind Rivercenter)

Long, long lines to get a drink.  I don’t think the organizers expected the turnout.  Went with Jen, and Skyler, and her friend Karen, and I looked pretty good surrounded by hot babes.  I could get used to this.

Jo Walton’s party Saturday Night

Small, but a hoot.  Great music by PNH and Sassafrass.

Sunday Sept. 1, noon, Panel “Space is Really the Old West” (101B Convention Center)

One of the panels where the moderator has a list of questions and is by God going to stay on track with them no matter how interesting the discussion that she has to cut off.  Still, smart people on that panel, and I enjoyed exchanging thoughts with them.

Sunday Sept. 1, 2pm, Koffeeklatsch (Riverview Room, Riverwalk)

Really, really fun.  A small group of Smart People, and I got to hold court (I have a terrible weakness for that, but I feel like with something like this I can indulge it without guilt).  One brought 41-year-old single malt that was amazing.  The low point was when I wanted to try adding a couple of drops of water to it and I got sloppy and added too much, ruining that glass.  Sad.  But there were more glasses of it, so all was well in the end.  Really, really fun time.

Sunday Sept. 1, 4pm, Reading with Skyler White (002A Convention Center)

High point of the convention, I think–I just LOVE reading from The Incrementalists with Skyler.  We started at the beginning and got into the third chapter.  Then we went to the bar where Jeff Lowrey kindly bought us a pitcher of sangria and we read some more.  Fun, fun.


We went back to our hotel to enjoy air conditioning and followed the twitter feed, and Elizabeth Bear, Mary Robinette Kowal,  PNH, and Scalzi won Hugos, so, like, what can be bad about that?


Hung out with PNH and TNH and L. E. Modesitt, Jr. and John Chu.  Got to congratulate Sczali in person, and tell Robert Silverberg my Robert Silverberg story.  Then we drove to Austin.


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9 thoughts on “Worldcon–a Vague Gesture Toward a Report”


    Going to a con with you was lots of fun! I won a book via GIANT INFLATABLE d20 at Drinks with Authors, defeating the beholder/author of that book.

    If @chaosprime reads this comment, he may want to look into the music group Sassafrass (

    I got several autographs (I am still sad that I missed Paul Cornell) and was utterly charmed by how nice most of the people were.

    Plus, there was a dalek.

  2. All that talk of socializing makes me wonder if you’ll be having after parties once you start your book tour.

  3. The thing I enjoyed the most about the reading was watching your lips move as you silently read along with Skylar. Were you under 12 I’d say…oh heck, I’ll say it anyway, It was adorable. Once you started to chuckle in anticipation just before a joke hit, which certainly proved, not that it was needed, just how much joy the book still gives you. Can’t wait to read it.

  4. Thank you so much for being willing to stay and continue signing! I had brought down near all of my collection to get signed (having conveniently forgotten about the Liavek collections, and the Jhereg graphic novel) and thank you hugely for signing them all! It took several trips through the line, but collection is much lovelier now :-)

    …and the ‘klatsch was lots of fun! As was the long series panel.

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