WorldCon Schedule

This year’s worldcon, LoneStarCon 3, has now provided us with SKZB’s schedule.

Friday Aug. 30, noon, Autographing session (Convention Center)

Friday Aug. 30, 3pm, Steven Brust concert (Ballroom A, Convention Center)

Saturday Aug. 31, 5pm, Panel “The Enduring Popularity of Firefly” (006CD Convention Center)

Saturday Aug. 31, 7pm?-? Drinks With Authors (Ernie’s Bar, behind Rivercenter)

Sunday Sept. 1, noon, Panel “Space is Really the Old West” (101B Convention Center)

Sunday Sept. 1, 2pm, Koffeeklatsch (Riverview Room, Riverwalk)
(taking some info from the LoneStarCon pocket guide: Limited to 9 attendees, so you must sign up in advance. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Information Desk in the Registration Hall in half-day increments. So, you should be able to sign up on Sunday morning. There are a bunch of rules about showing up on time and reserve spots, and then a note that only the host will be provided with a beverage so please bring your own beverage with you.

Sunday Sept. 1, 4pm, Reading with Skyler White (002A Convention Center)

There is an interactive program guide [here]. And [here] is the PDF pocket guide, which has maps in it. I love maps. They start on page 24.

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  1. Well, I didn’t attend Drinks With Authors, but I did indeed drink with authors.

    Big fun!

    Extra thanks to the nice person who brought ridiculously old whiskey to the kaffeeklatch. Twice as many thanks for *sharing* it.

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