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How to Hurt Yourself on Twitter


It all started with a really irritatingly heartwarming episode of Due South.

We also had some discussion of whether the comic books fall under the definition of literature.

…but quickly returned to the cockles.

Jen joined the discussion with her wrong opinion and things may have gotten a bit silly.

I did my best to keep the discussion serious, to no avail.

Then this happened:
Me: *laughing* Sorry, I have something in my throat.
Jen: What, laughter at my expense?
Me: No, a cockle.

ETA (twitter demanded this addition):


Author: skzb

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  1. I laughed so hard I folded a hand in poker just so I could have more time to laugh.

  2. See, now that is how teh twittars are used.

  3. fantastic! very khaavren, aerich, tazendra, and pel. please do this again tomorrow 🙂

  4. I love you all. 🙂

  5. Between this and today’s zombie!pnh madness, I’m ready to go hide under a blanket with my cockles.

  6. skzb

    Back soon, everyone.

  7. I now feel there aren’t nearly enough velociraptors in my twitter stream.

  8. Wiki-something – “The phrase may be more explained by the nature of the mollusk itself. Its natural environs are usually cold water shoreline areas…if disturbed or threatened in any way, the shell slams shut to protect its delicate organs.” (wink)

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