More Pictures From Skagway

Greetings! Using foul sorcery, I have managed to get pictures from SKZB’s phone onto a device useful for posting them! Please hold celebrations of this fact until the end of the post, or we’ll be here all night (also, the confetti is cursed).

2013-07-19 17.24.08

Brandon’s dog wearing a hat. I guess this is how they roll in Montana. I do love a great hat.


2013-07-28 11.07.14

The Harbor House in Skagway! We really made it there!


2013-07-25 11.39.50

Carcross is apparently a thing from a folk song. He played it for me and everything, but I don’t remember the name of it.


2013-07-28 11.24.17

Kendall, Erik, and Toni. Awww.


2013-07-28 11.25.06

This time, with Steve!


2013-07-28 11.26.11

Steve, me, and the Harbor House, totally getting photobombed by a sweet mountain.


2013-07-28 11.26.41

Here we are, the intrepid adventurers of the road. BADASSERY.


2013-07-28 11.47.11

Apart from the unspeakable beauty of this scene, can we consider the choice of combining Italian and Mexican in one restaurant? Specials, of course, were sweet and sour chicken and Mongolian beef.


2013-08-01 17.15.15

Pretty sure this is just after the Hailstorm of Doom? We wanted pictures of the rainbow.

That’s it for this batch of pictures. You may applaud….. NOW.

12 thoughts on “More Pictures From Skagway”

  1. Love every one of these. My only complaint is my family now thinks that there is no good reason why we can’t do the same in a whim one day. I keep pointing out that we are currently pretty close to the end of the country…the wrong end…if I drive a few more miles I hit PTown and then fall off, the country, possibly the planet.

  2. Applause. I sure hope that is a J and not a cig in SKZB’s hand in the one picture…

  3. Amysue: Your family could run up to PEI on a whim, though! Or, fly to Vancouver and rent a car for the trip. Or Calgary and take the entire Alaska Highway!

    Also, there were times we were convinced we were going to fall off the other end of the continent/world.

  4. OK. Now we know that Steve’s earlier post was not another work of fiction, or notes on the invention of a new world. Not that we don’t trust you guys…..

  5. ~loud applause~

    Hmmm, Italian/Mexican food sounds delish. In Phoenix, AZ, there is a place that is called “Chino Bandidos” that does Oriental/Mexican fusion. That should be your next whimsical road trip…and it should be done in January.

  6. Jeff: I think as soon as JoCo Cruise Crazy does an Alaskan cruise. I’d hit that.

    Caliann: January’s kinda open. I’ll pencil it in.

  7. Hotels are great! There’s no reason to tip them sideways and make them float.

    I mean, it worked out so well for the Titanic!

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