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  1. Is there anywhere in Oregon where a person with a good pair of binoculars could hope to make a Brust sighting?

  2. Skzb et al

    I hope that you are all having a great time, and things are going good!

    Ok, that last bit was my attempting US speak, and flunking it very badly, but on this side of the pond, we have, in between sweltering in very un English weather, got the Marriage Equality Bill through Parliament and, since it’s now achieved Royal Assent, full marriages between gay people will come into force here by the middle of next year.

    There are some very happy people having a great time celebrating it, but my energies are being expended at the hospital at the moment, so I’ve had to take a rain check on the partying. I do hope that you are all managing to fit some into your schedule on your trip to the Pacific North West…

  3. Hello Stevie.

    Here in Canada, gay marriage has been a human right & fully endorsed by the Law Of The Land for a few years now. And guess what? Society has yet to collapse & the apocalypse is no closer than it was before the right wing-nuts had their knickers in a knot over the issue. Go figure. While I realize that your health issues preclude any large-scale celebrations, I will raise a small glass on your behalf on my side of the pond. Take care of yourself & be happy that your government has come to the very human decision that it has no business deciding who should be allowed to love & commit to one another.


  4. Keith

    That’s very kind of you, and I must confess that you have lifted my spirits!

    Following the passing of the Bill a number of people were unsure from the confusing media reports of exactly what had been passed, and, since I have some experience of grappling with such matters, I undertook to read all of the reports in the record of Parliament proceedings called Hansard, and read them I did, though it took me 4 days to do it.

    There was light in the darkness, but that didn’t really make the darkness any less dark; as you will have seen both Houses of Parliament passed it, on a free vote, by very large majorities, but there was an awful lot of skullduggery from opponents which, to be frank, was stomach turning.

    However, I was able to reassure the worried people that they had no cause for concern; all I need now is industrial quantities of brain bleach…

  5. Hello again Stevie.

    I’m so glad I was able to cheer you up. I can commiserate with you on the Hansard. VERY heavy going & turgid stuff indeed. Might I suggest a cleansing of the palate with a wee re-read of some choice Vlad or perhaps some Paarfi? I rather suspect that either would be preferable to brain bleach…

    Warmest Regards.

  6. On behalf of the Pacific Northwest, I apologize for our unusually warm weather, which is probably what is detaining our host. Also, it is berry season, so there’s a lot to eat.

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