Live Reading from The Incrementalists!

10 minutes to broadcast, we’ve just tested and things seem okay! This is the event link:


This Tuesday, at 8 pm central, Steven Brust and Skyler White will have a Hangout On Air to read from their book The Incrementalists. The Hangout will be broadcast live for your entertainment and edification!

Before dropping by on Tuesday to watch Skye and Steve be charming Persons of Letters, be sure to visit the website of the book ( and read the excerpt posted there.

Now, on to a couple of technical notes. We’ve used regular  google hangouts before (because, y’know, modern technology makes long-distance conversations with friends and co-authors more pleasant) but not the On Air feature. Google swears it will be easy, but they also took Reader away from me, so I have some trust issues with them. We’ll see! This post right here will be the hub of information for the event, and I’ll update here if anything changes between now and 8 pm Tuesday.

The way to find the Hangout ought to be to visit Steve’s G+ page, and after the reading is finished, the video will be posted on

EDITED TO NOTIFY CITIZENS OF EARTH OF THE FOLLOWING: You do not need a G+ profile to watch the broadcast!

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  1. OK then. Watched it twice. Wanted more. I’d say that means it was a success. Do it again and let Skyler have more turns. Tell them to publish faster. Love you both.

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