Incrementalists Book Tour!

Hey, this is Jen. Since Steve doesn’t like to talk about himself, I get to write this post giving everyone gets the heads-up on when and where to see him and Skyler geek out about The Incrementalists. I got to hear them read from the book and talk about it at 4th Street, and I think the best way to describe it is infectious literary glee.

Here is the tour so far, along with convention appearances:

(Edited by Steve, 31-Oct-2013)

August 29 — September 2: LoneStarCon3 (WorldCon) in San Antonio, TX

I’m not a WorldCon sort of guy, but it was good seeing people, and it wasn’t horrid, and, you know, like that.  High points included (but were not limited to) butting in on John Scalzi’s conversation with Robert Silverberg (and thanks, John, for being so gracious about it) to tell Silverberg my Silverberg story.  I’m glad I got to do that.

September 24: The Incrementalists release date!

We laughed, we cried, we fell down.

September 26: Murder by the Book in Houston, TX, 6:30 pm

This was a good signing, and the staff set the tone for the tour by being really great.  That was the only consistent thing with the book tour: never met staffers who were less than sweet and wonderful.

October 1: Alamosa Books in Albuquerque, NM, 6:00 pm

Disaster as a signing–four people showed up; two of them were friends with Skye, one fan, and fan’s mother.  Still, had fun, and got to hang out with Walter Jon Williams a bit.

October 2: Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC, 7:00 pm (Steve only)

There was a charity auction of some sort going on in the bookstore, so we moved next door to a very nice coffee shop.  A bit hard to hear when the blender was going, but overall it was good.  Nice turn-out.  A very sweet woman came from the audience to read Ren’s sections (since Skye wasn’t there) and did an outstanding job.  Also, someone showed up with the original artwork for Jhereg; Teckla; and The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars.  Really, really cool.  Later, a really nice guy took me out for a wonderful steak. He drove a Tesla. *faunch*

October 4-6: FenCon X in Dallas TX

As a book-related event, it fell kind of flat, but as a convention I had a great time.  Got to do a wonderful panel with Skye and PNH and TNH about the creation of the book.

October 6: Book release party at BookPeople in Austin, Texas

This was almost more fun than we could stand.  Standing room only, everyone seemed really into the reading, and the Q & A went great.  Everything we could have hoped for and more.  Met Jeremy (about to be a VP student) and got to ride in her sports car. WEEEE!  Then drinks with friends.  A glorious night.

October 11: Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA 7:00 pm

Not a lot to say about this one except that it was really good, well attended, and an over-all delight.  Sven and Kristin were more than kind chauffeuring us around.  And donuts!

October 12: Borderlands Books in San Francisco, CA 3:00 pm

We had thought the book release party at BookPeople would be the high point, but this turned out to be even better–wonderful, wonderful staff, great turn-out of people really interested in the book and the questions, and a whole bunch of friends; introducing Skyler to some of mine, meetings hers.  And, geez, they sold out of books.  God, this one was amazing.  I still smile thinking about it.

October 20: Pandemonium Books in Cambridge, MA 7:00 pm (Steve only)

Good times, seeing some old friends who I’d missed and meeting on-line friends in person.  My friend Anne read Ren’s parts–and did so really well.  Good turn-out, and then wonderful hospitality by Cecelia and Corwin, and afterward got to meet Jason, who put us up the next night.

November 9: Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore, Minneapolis, 4PM (Steve only)


34 thoughts on “Incrementalists Book Tour!”

  1. Congrats! It’s good to see you out on the road! I hope Sally can get you to Pittsburgh as well. I’ll be glad to help out with any arrangements necessary.

  2. I’ve posted to the SB Fan Club page and the 4th Street page on Facebook. Let the demand for more tour sites continue…

  3. How do we request more stops on your tour? Do we have our bookstore contact your publisher? Do we contact your publisher ourselves? Do we tempt you personally with promises of booze?

  4. Alex: Wow. I have no idea. Best bet, I think, would be to have the bookstore make contact with Tor, attention Sally Feller.

  5. I think someone ought to film one of their appearances and post it to youtube for Great Justice. Infectious Literary Glee would be a good title for such a clip.

  6. i see that there are no Canadian dates as yet. Pity…We could do with a little cheering up here in Southern Alberta. Oh well, I’ll just have to see if I can prevail upon the kindness of one of the Booksellers listed here to see if they will send me a signed copy. The very best of luck with the tour & make sure you travel safely.

    By the bye…We’re just about to celebrate Canada Day (July 1) so I thought I’d wish everyone down south a Very Happy 4th Of July!

  7. Keith: Man, I would *love* to do some Canadian stops; don’t think it’ll happen this time, though. A very happy Canada Day to you.

  8. The Pittsburgh Comicon is Sept 27th, you could work that weekend right in, and being so close to the release date it seems like a perfect fit.

    Reminds me of a quote, “Pittsburgh. I’d been there. One of the most underrated cities in North America. People who’d never been there thought of it as a graveyard of abandoned steel mills, but it was a beautiful city, and it would be good to have it back.”

  9. Nathaniel: I’d love to get back to Pittsburgh, and one of the protagonists is from there (sort of). See comment above to Alex.

  10. Very kind of you to say so, Mr. Brust. Perhaps when Hawk launches…

  11. I can vouch for the Infectious Literary Glee. As Keith said about when Hawk launches, though. Now THERE’s an idea. . .

    Also, Steve, you mentioned something about writing a review. I am willing, but not sure I’m able. Firstly, does anyone care what a single fan with no reputation thinks? Second, I’m not sure how to go about it. If I post it on my blog, I would be able to see it. No one else goes to my blog (I’ve checked, zero traffic. You would think someone would have stayed in at least), so that’s not very useful for PR.

  12. Ryan: Thanks. Seriously, I mostly wanted to know what you think of it, and you already told me you like it. If you feel inclined, go over to Goodreads and post something, but, really, don’t sweat it. I’m delighted you enjoyed the book and that you took the time to tell me so.

  13. Cool beans. :) I’ll go into more detail about what I thought worked and what didn’t if you want, but this probably isn’t that place or time.

  14. I have to agree that you need more stops on this tour. There isn’t a stop in OKC! If you have time on the way down (& not flying), Keith & I would love to see you. It’s pretty close to our 6th anniversary.
    Meanwhile, we’ll keep Miscon 2015 in mind!

  15. OKC isn’t that far away from Austin, where we’ll be based and even closer to Dallas where we’ll be signing. It’s a matter of finding a bookstore that wants us, and getting the info to Sally, who will see if it can happen.

  16. I’m happy to see you doing a book tour, but do you think you’ll be able to make it to Michigan? I know Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor hosts authors every so often.

  17. San Francisco! I am so there, and looking forward to buying things that can be signed!

    Nathaniel, I went to an arts conference in Pittsburgh a few years ago and was shocked how beautiful and clear it was. I was also quite pleased to learn that the economic activity from its many theaters was greater than that of the two professional sports teams located there.

  18. Andy: Like I’ve said a couple of times earlier, I have no control over this. If you talk to the bookstore, and the bookstore talks to Sally at Tor, it could be possible. Or not; I don’t know.

  19. I like Borderlands Books. Good location, nice interior, extensive collection.

  20. I just heard about the Houston visit. Assuming you’re driving in from Austin on 290, I thought I’d recommend eating at the Brazos Belle, a great French restaurant in the tiny little town of Burton (pop. 211 last I was there). It’s just west of Brenham, so you can get some ice cream afterwards. The town only has two streets, and finding the restaurant is easy. What’s really nice is the chef, who opened this as a retirement plan, wanders around and chats about whatever you want when he’s free.

    Of course, Weikel’s Bakery on La Grange’s northside where 71 and Bus. 71 diverge is also worth a stop, if you favor that route. You have to get there pretty early to get a freshly baked kolache, but everything they make is good.

  21. Skyler, Steve,

    I was the Very Large Person near the end of the signing line at Borderlands. Just wanted to let you know that despite the sellout, I’m pretty sure nobody went home unhappy. I was one of the two who were too late, but Borderlands staff magicked up an extra copy for me somehow (I think it was their display copy), leaving one person in line with no Incrementalists. So Borderlands gave her an Incrementalists promotional poster for you to sign.

    But there was a plot twist, for you have wonderful fans! A fan a few spots ahead in line had bought three copies. When he overheard our conversation about the sellout, and realized that one person wasn’t going to have a copy, he immediately gave her his third copy and refused to be paid for it. (He’s the one who ended up with the poster; she insisted on giving him at least that much.)

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