Progress Report on Hawk, or, Kids, Don’t Try This at Home

I’ve been doing exactly what you’re not supposed to do: going back and reworking things before getting to the end.  But it’s okay, I’m a trained professional.

Seriously.  Remember that scythe I was talking about before?  Well, I went and pulled it out and hacked the first two chapters to pieces and put them back together more powerful than I could imagine.  Since then, things have been falling into place nicely, though it’s sometimes taken a bit of teeth gnashing.  Now I have less than half the book done again, but I’m feeling worlds better about what I have. There’s a structure I like, and it’s tasting good.  I am cautiously optimistic.

“Boss, What’s going on?”
“Where are you?”
“Half a mile up on an updraft, almost over the Ocean-sea.  What’s–”
“Stay there for a bit.”
“Just for a bit.”

I looked around the area again, carefully.  I moved around just enough to make sure the spindly trees and weeds weren’t concealing anyone.
“What’s going on, Boss?”
“A fluffy kitten tea party.”
“Just wait.”

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7 thoughts on “Progress Report on Hawk, or, Kids, Don’t Try This at Home”

  1. I feel like culling the herd is sometimes a good thing. I really enjoy how so many writers share the process of writing online because I find it endlessly fascinating. I’ve no interest in writing fiction, my talents don’t lie in that direction, but the craft of writing is cool to experience a little bit vicariously.

    Also…more Vlad…yay!

  2. Whatever works, right? Congratulations on slashing your way through to smooth writing.

    And thanks for the snippet. I was starting to get the urge to go back and re-read everything from the beginning again, completely disregarding that I have things called responsibilities. I’ve had my fix now.

  3. OK. Sounds good. The thing to avoid, here, is backtracking so far that some other book of yours gets rewritten….

  4. If the review of Engels is interfering with getting it written, I doubt anybody would mind if you slowed that down and concentrated on the book.

    I notice I tend to get involved in interesting blog stuff when I’m procrastinating about something else, and there has been a lot of interesting stuff here recently….

    You posted once that you had a good day writing. If I missed the announcement that you finished, then joy! Congratulations!

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