8 thoughts on “Texas Wisdom #73”

  1. It’s very late on this side of the pond, and I should be doing sensible things like sleeping.

    However the arms of Morpeus have refused to embrace me, probably because I am agog with anticipation of what Billy-Bob Gautama is going to say about the Hydra contract.

    Perhaps you could prod him into action, just to assist your faithful admirers….

  2. I kinda doubt he’s even heard of Hydra. Or publishing, for that matter. Me, I agree with Scalzi on all counts. But you knew that.

  3. Oh, bugger. There goes the spiritual uplift bit to justify us chopping them into small pieces; we’ll just have to channel Lizzie Borden instead.

    On the bright side I re-read Iorich today; I needed something to brain bleach my head from rereading the Scot Dred judgement .

    It worked perfectly…

  4. In the spirit of Ecumenism, Deacon Bubba invited Billy-Bob Gautama to hear his sermon. After the service, Billy-Bob told the Deacon “I sure as hell ain’t gonna get a whole lot of rest tonight.”

    “Did the sermon move you that much?” asked Deacon Bubba.

    “Naw,” said Billy-Bob. “It’s just that when I fall asleep during the day, I end up staying awake all night.”

    And Deacon Bubba was enlightened.

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