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New on the Site: Books!


Jen has just finished updating the “Books” section of the blog, so now I provide links to various places to buy them.  It’s pleasant to see all the various links–ebook, audible, all that stuff.  I’m still hoping to get the earlier Vlad novels out as ebooks; but we’ll have to see what happens.  Meanwhile, thanks Jen.  Have a cookie.


Jerry: Why don’t we insert links for some classics?  Hawthorne, Dostoevsky, maybe some Dickens.

Ms. Pennyworth: Jerry, does that sound like something that will help the client?  This client?  Does he even fucking read Hawthorne, Jerry?

Jerry: I like Hawthorne.

Ms. Pennyworth: Is anyone asking what you like, Jerry?  Do you know what classic unemployment is, Jerry?  Would you like to be limiting your reading to want-ads, Jerry?

[Enter squirrel]

Squirrel: I could have done those links.

Ms. Pennyworth: No, you fucking couldn’t have done those links.  You’re a fucking squirrel.

[Exit squirrel]




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