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Just want to point out that Corwin and Felix have been busy.  There is now a page of free download stuff (only two things on at at the moment), site rules, Quotables are back (want to automatically select and display a random one eventually) and the link to the policy on fanfic is now working.  Thanks, guys.  Also, a reminder that if you have questions or comments about a specific book, you can click on the link (under “Books”) and ask there.

I’ll say something obnoxious or inflammatory when I think of it.


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8 thoughts on “New Stuff on the Site”

  1. Now that the site has been up a while, what do people think of the nested comments? Do you like them, or would prefer just straight up and down–the reply being to the general thread rather than to an individual response?

  2. From L. Raymond:
    PS – I wish not all HTML were stripped from responses; it’d be nice to be able to provide hyperlinks rather than mega-long URLs in the body. Not that it’s pertinent, but I’d also like the “comment_parent” field to not be cookie dependent or for numbering to be reintroduced.

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