Obama Security

There’s a great deal of talk just now about the Secret Service decision at a rally in Dallas to not provide security for Obama (see my recent sidebar). My own take on it is in two parts: first, it feels a lot like the administration is testing the waters: “Can we get away with this?” More significantly, that the notion of an assassination (or, if you prefer, permitting an assassination) is even being considered points to deep divisions within the ruling class.

It’s only the pseudo-Marxists who talk as if the ruling class is a single, homogeneous bloc. They have their divisions too: different sections have different interests, and different means of protecting their profits. Some, apparently, don’t think Obama’s ties to Wall Street, and the reassurances he gives with every speech that corporate interests will not be harmed, are sufficient.

It goes without saying that when Obama says, “my number one job as president will be to keep the American people safe. And I will do whatever is required to accomplish that, and I will not hesitate to act against those that would do America harm. Now, that involves maintaining the strongest military on earth…” and “I believe in the free market…We don’t believe in government doing what we can do for ourselves” I believe him. I’m fairly sure most sections of ruling class believe him too; but many of them question is whether he can actually pull off the continuing attacks on rights and living standards that they need.

— skzb

Firefly novel

I’ve done a fanfic Firefly novel. If anyone is interested, it can be found (free for download) here.

Note from Kit to Boing-Boing visitors and other new arrivals (2/18): Hey all, welcome and enjoy the novel. Things have been busy in the Dream Café since we released this, and so we unfortunately did not prioritize fixing the typos our readers have sent in or putting up other file formats. Please check back soon — by Wednesday I hope to have a bunch of mobile friendly formats available, and to have corrected the typos you’ve sent in.

Note from Kit (2/22): Welcome to New York Times visitors and other new arrivals. Thank you to all the readers for your patience — I’ve corrected all the typos I was sent and updated the files on our website. The book is also now available in HTML format. Hopefully, other mobile friendly formats will arrive soon.

Second 2/22 update: a .prc version of the file is now available for mobile devices.

December 2012 Update: Here’s a new link for the updated Dreamcafe.com: http://dreamcafe.com/downloads/

Question on cover letters

I’ve always considered myself an expert on writing cover letters.  Here’s what I’ve always said:

“This is all you need: ‘Good morning.  Enclosed (or attached) is my x000 word story <name> for consideration in your <title> anthology.  I hope you like it.’  That’s it, except that if you have professional credits, mention them.”

Fine advice, and I still stand by it.  Only, how exactly do you mention those professional credits without sounding like an idiot?  Appending, “I have sold a story to <name> anthology,” sounds, well, stupid.  I don’t like it.

Does anyone have any suggestions that flow better?