Short Stories

“An Act of Contrition” in Liavek (1985)

“An Act of Trust” in Liavek: The Players of Luck (1986)

“A Dream of Passion” in the convention chapbook for Ad Astra (1986)

“An Act of Mercy” in Liavek: Wizard’s Row (1987, with Megan Lindholm)

“An Act of Love” in Liavek: Spells of Binding (1988, with Gregory Frost and Megan Lindholm)

“Csucskári” (Excerpt from The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars) in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: First Annual Collection (1988)

“A Hot Night at Cheeky’s” in Liavek: Festival Week (1990)

“Looking Forward: Excerpt from Athyra” in Amazing Stories, March (1993)

“Attention Shoppers” in Xanadu (1993)

“Abduction from the Harem” in Timewalker Issue 14 (October 1996)

“Drift” in Space Opera (1996)

“Valóság and Élet” in Sandman: Book of Dreams (1996)

“Calling Pittsburgh” in Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny (1998)

“When the Bow Breaks” in The Essential Bordertown (1998)

“The Man From Shemhaza” in Thieves’ World: Enemies of Fortune (2004), reprinted in Year’s Best Fantasy 5 (2005)

“Klava with Honey” in Eeriecon Convention Chapbook #4 (2005)

“Chapter One” in Eeriecon Convention Chapbook #6 (2007)

“The Desecrator” on (2011)

“Fireworks in the Rain” on (2013)

14 thoughts on “Short Stories”

  1. Hi Steven.

    I was just wondering which of your books was the first to come out in hardback. I’m hunting for first editions, and would like a point in the right direction. Thank you for your marvelous work, and your posts.


    Reuben Smith

  2. To Reign In Hell had a limited edition from SteelDragon Press. The next was The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars, and then The Phoenix Guards.

  3. I could swear Brokedown Palace had a story about a knight in a wood getting stuck in a swamp but I can’t find it in the text. Is it another book of yours? I thought it was told by the Coachman, and very much had the flavor of Brokedown Palace. It has been driving me mad, trying to find that story as parts are lodged in my brain but not the whole thing.

    Are those stories from any particular mythology? I love them, greatly. Also your books in general, but those stories are particularly haunting.

  4. Um. doesn’t sound familiar. But my memory isn’t perfect.

    Those stories are based on traditional Hungarian folk tales, liberally infused with Grateful Dead song lyrics. I’m very glad they worked for you; thanks!

  5. Steven,
    Just read some of your blog. Wish I had known you when we both were teenagers. You’re going to be in San Diego over the 4th of July. Is that as close as you will get to L.A.?
    Your long lost cousin,
    Diane (Brust) Moss

  6. Holy crap, a previously unknown relative? Cool! Yeah, I don’t get to California often, I’m afraid. But, hey, my email address is here in the “about” section. We’ll see what we can figure out.

  7. I don’t know if this is the right place to post this question, seems it has been awhile since there has been a post here but it’s worth a shot. I am currently re-reading Issola and once again came to the passage where Vlad says something like ‘I was once embarrassed because the guy could jump a twenty foot crevasse but that worked out alright because it turned out he was wearing the wrong kind of boots, long story don’t ask” I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t have the book in front of me at the moment but the point is everytime I read this passage I have the ghost of a memory about reading about this in another Taltos story but can’t find it or any other references to it. Am I crazy or tricking myself into remembering falsely? Is there any mention of this somewhere else in the cannon?

  8. YAY! First comment I’ve heard from it, which means that, so far, I’m running 100%. Seriously, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for saying so.

  9. Okay, after reading “Feng’s” about elevnty-dozen times, I caught “Wreck of the Gordon Lightfoot”…And I smiled the rest of the day laughing.
    Not much into fantasy stories myself, but this book is falling apart from use. :)

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