Shadow Unit: Elevator Speculations

For those of you who saw the latest episode, I have a weird one. In that bit where Chaz has that split-second of, “Uh, oh…” on the way down to the office, and then nothing happens (with that great line about salmon souffle–God, that was lovely), it seems to me he makes this really quick glance at the blank wall of the elevator. Was that a bloop, or my imagination, or a hint? In other words, is there something, uh, special about that elevator that we might or might not find out about later? Did anyone else even see it?

Well, nuts

You have to understand, I really like the World Socialist Web Site. I agree with them about 90% of the time, and am actually impressed with the reporting and analysis at least once a week, often much more frequently, which is pretty damned good. So when they blow it, I take it personally.

Here is a passage from Sandy English’s review of the new book by Junet Diaz: “In his spoken language, Oscar uses ‘a lot of huge-sounding nerd words like indefatigable and ubiquitous.’ But he wouldn’t find these in most science fiction, so he must read other things—history, science, the New Yorker—to acquire these words, and these works must have an effect on him.”

I can’t blame the reviewer for not being familiar with the subculture of fandom, but, really, Sandy English ought not to discuss science fiction without having read some of it. Pfui.