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Freedom and Necessity

Freedom and Necessity cover

This was a joy to write, and I even like how it came out. Emma is a wonderful writer, and it was honor to work with her. We wrote it just as it appears, by writing letters to each other, and let it develop as it went along. It’s a Victorian epistolary novel, or I suppose you could call it a fantasy for Hegelians.


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  1. Words fail me when I attempt to express how much I like this book.

  2. Probably my favorite of your works, although I’ve enjoyed them all. i have’t read the sun, the moon and the stars yet.

  3. The signed ARC of this is still one of three books I own that get to look smug and lord their specialness over all the others.

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  5. So I am reading this now in ebook, and wishing (at about 33% in) that there was a family tree since it is getting a wee bit confusing. So I search online to see if anyone has made such a thing, only to learn that perhaps the print editions have one included that has been omitted from the ebook. Any chance it could be made available online for those of us reading the ebook?

  6. skzb

    It always annoys me when ebooks do that. Not our call, though. It’s up to the publisher. When I get home, in March, maybe remind me and I’ll see if I can find a way to scan it and put it up here, if Emma doesn’t mind.

  7. This is your reminder to see if you can find a way to post the family tree… I’ve long since finished the book myself, but others might find it useful in the future!

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