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“If you can’t dance with my brain, what do you think you can do with my body?” — Reesa Brown.

By corwin

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Now THAT is all Reesa! Yup yup, and I’m so totally gonna borrow it as many times as I can!!!!!!

I’ve said a variation of that to potential partners before: “If you can’t fuck my brain, you can’t *touch* my body.”


That is absolutely fabulous! May I link to it from my own journal? This sort of wonderful wit needs to be passed on.

Oh, and I think I’d like to Metaquote it, too…

Darling, so true! Hell, when I find someone who can “dance with my brain” I am much more likely to let them do things to my body I would never have considered letting them do when i first glanced their way….
may i have this dance, my dear? :)

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