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“If you can’t dance with my brain, what do you think you can do with my body?” — Reesa Brown.


Author: corwin

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  1. Now THAT is all Reesa! Yup yup, and I’m so totally gonna borrow it as many times as I can!!!!!!

  2. Brilliant. May I use this?

  3. Well, i could make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl…

  4. I’ve said a variation of that to potential partners before: “If you can’t fuck my brain, you can’t *touch* my body.”


  5. Lynedd – sure, though you could shorten it even further to “If you can’t dance with my brain, you won’t move my body.”

  6. Ok ladies, is moving your brain ever enough in and of itself…….

  7. That is absolutely fabulous! May I link to it from my own journal? This sort of wonderful wit needs to be passed on.

    Oh, and I think I’d like to Metaquote it, too…

  8. Darling, so true! Hell, when I find someone who can “dance with my brain” I am much more likely to let them do things to my body I would never have considered letting them do when i first glanced their way….
    may i have this dance, my dear? 🙂

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