Brokedown Palace

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Your basic combination of Hungarian Folktales and Grateful Dead song lyrics. It took eighteen very difficult months to write, and is the only time (so far) that I’ve used a full plot outline. I’m pretty happy with it, though. The names on the map are Hungarian translations of Grateful Dead song titles.


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  1. After reading this book the second time I feel quite differently than I did the first time. It seemed very “abrupt” and overly fast-paced (even for me) the first time I read it, and this time it didn’t strike me that way at all. Not sure why.

    Anyhow, I have a question:

    Could you say, at least approximately, when this story takes place in relation to the other books (in relation to Vlad and Khaavren)?

  2. After finishing it again just now, I was just wondering that very thing (that is, had we met Brigitta’s and Miklós’ daughter elsewhere). Still one of my favorites of yours, so thank you for those eighteen very difficult months.

  3. Concerning Hungarian folk tales… There is one such tale in _Brokedown Palace_ with the phrase “the King was mad as a Fásbot bull and tore out his beard”. The core (of both the tale and that very phrase) is quite clear, but what by Goddess this “Fásbot bull” is? Internet knows nothing of it, and Fenarian… I mean Hungarian dictionary helps no better than “fás bot” – “wooden staff” – which makes no sense here…

    Steve, could you please drop a small hint for someone not so familiar with proper Fenarian folk mythology?

  4. I think maybe we can put two and two together to discern what a Fásbot bull is, my man. Wooden staff–hard wood–bull? Anything?

    I liked the forward on the elegence and phonetic perfection of the Hungarian language. I remember reading it the first time, but thought it was written by skzb.

    The interspersed folk tales are a nice Wolfeian touch. Will we ever get the story of Brigitta’s return to Dragaera?

  5. This story is so incredibly moving and beautiful, it strikes a deep vibrating resonance in my heart. What a gorgeous tale. I love all of the books that have been set in this universe so far, in all of their variety and splendor, silliness and seriousness, but I feel that I must plead with you, Mr. Brust, to write a sequel to Brokedown Palace that delves into the events that immediately follow. I ask this not only for the sake of slaking the thirst of everyone’s curiosity, but also (and primarily) for the love of the vibrant characters you developed in this story, and the ache I have to follow them, intimately as only your readers can, as they move forward through the events that followed such a meaningful climax. You managed to create such a tenderness of emotion here that is quite special. I know that every novel is quite a large undertaking, and that you already have much you are working to accomplish, and I thank you for all of your various works which bring so many of us so much joy to read, but if you should ever find it within your power to fit in a direct continuation of this tale, I would be elated and forever even more grateful!

  6. You are very kind. Thank you. And deepest apologies for how long it has taken me to get your message out of the approval queue. I’ll try to do better. As for a sequel, I don’t know. If I’m still alive after finishing the Vlad novels, I’ll be looking around for what’s next, so who knows? Again, thank you, and again, apologies.

  7. No need whatsoever for the many apologies, I am delighted that you responded. I understand that there often isn’t time and space and resources in the life of an author to write every book that your fans dream of reading, but I feel honored to have been able to reach you with a genuine compliment and to have your consideration at the very least. Wishing you good health, long life, and much happiness. All of your books have been adding a significantly massive amount enjoyment to my life. Vlad and company are such an entertaining bunch to laugh and cry and go on adventures with. Enthusiastically and eagerly awaiting the release of Lyorn.

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