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Once more, back to Vlad. This one was fun to write, and I think it came out okay. So far, Vlad is keeping me entertained.


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2 thoughts on “Issola”

  1. No discussion yet (here) of this estimable volume? Fine, I’ll start. skzb knew about Zungaron way back in 2001, when this one came out. Sethra’s exasperation with him? Palpable.

    Also some of Morrolan’s origin story is nicely projected from Teldra’s perspective.

  2. This book is one of my personal favorites. I can’t really voice my reasoning in a way that satisfies me, but it has such great characterizations of Vlad, our Estimable Dragonlords, Teldra, Verra, and gives more insight into the history and lore of the world that can be used for my crackpot theories.

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