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20 March 2013
by skzb

Texas Wisdom #76

One day a woman who was traveling through Texas happened to meet Billy-Bob Gautama.  They spoke of the many splendors of Texas and the Manifold Path.  Then the woman said, “There is one thing I do not understand.  There are … Continue reading

4 March 2013
by skzb

Texas Wisdom #71

Once a monk asked Billy-Bob Gautama, “Does a dog have a Buddha nature or not?” Billy-Bob said, “Mu.” The monk smiled and said, “That is the right answer. By saying ‘yes’ you would be thoughtlessly parroting traditional teachings; but by … Continue reading

15 February 2013
by skzb
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Texas Wisdom #70

One day a sage said to Billy-Bob Gautama, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Billy-Bob considered this, then said, “Well, that don’t sound bad.  Only how am I s’posed to be the difference ‘twixt … Continue reading

14 November 2009
by corwin

Texas Wisdom #69

One day Chipmonk Joe and Billy-Bob Gautama were sitting around talking.  The subject of Wasted Willie Borgess came up.  Joe said, “He’s a fucking asshole.”  “Now Chip,” said Billy-Bob, “that’s no way to talk.  You talk about someone like that, … Continue reading

12 November 2009
by corwin

Texas Wisdom #68

One day Sam Puckett was hanging out with Billy-Bob Gautama, sitting around drinking beers.  Sam turned on the TV and started flipping channels.  “What’s on?” said Billy-Bob.  “Nothin’,” said Sam.  “Good,” said Billy-Bob.  “Let’s watch that.”