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Need a sysadmin?

If you know anyone who needs a Linux sysadmin, I have a friend who could use more work.  His web site is here. He does good work.  Thanks for passing it on.

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It’ll work if you let it

Our friend Nathan is over, and we took the opportunity to introduce him to the 1980 movie “Roadie.”  I’ve been in love with that movie ever since Michael Butler first made me watch it, but now that I live in Texas it’s even better.  As it started, I ran to the fridge and grabbed a Shiner.

“I can’t believe you’ve never heard of Alice.  Alice Cooper.  Don’t you read tee-shirts?”

For anyone who knows the movie–the credits say that Ramblin Jack Elliot plays himself; can anyone tell me exactly who and where he is in the film?