A koan

One day the sous-chef said to Alton Brown, “Master, how much kosher salt is the right amount for a rib roast?”  And Alton Brown said, “Dice two cloves of garlic.”  In this moment, the sous-chef achieved enlightenment.

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  1. The (Professional) Cook’s Mantra: Before enlightenment, mince shallots, clarify butter; after enlightenment, mince shallots, clarify butter.

  2. Also, garlic is usually minced, crushed or chopped finely rather than diced.

  3. Alton Brown–Gosh I love that man. The geek references alone would be great, but the geek science is just too cool.

    Uh oh, I feel a touch of enlightenment coming on. I must away to dice something. :)

  4. Pity the disciple’s question wasn’t about ice cream. Then it could be a double-dipped koan.

  5. Alton Brown is indeed awesome. I bought some girl-scout cookies from him once (he lives near here) he was selling them in front of a Kroger along with several moms and girl scouts.

  6. He has a daughter, maybe it was her troop. She was the bunny his “sister” handed to him in the donut episode.

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