Texas Wisdom #76

One day a woman who was traveling through Texas happened to meet Billy-Bob Gautama.  They spoke of the many splendors of Texas and the Manifold Path.  Then the woman said, “There is one thing I do not understand.  There are cowboys here.  Real cowboys, who work with cows.  Why do they dress so funny?”

“Because,” said Billy-Bob, “everything one does, says, or even wears is an expression of self, of the eternal within one.  With cowboys, their dress is practical.  Do you see Fiddler Jim over there?  He is a cowboy.  Regard his clothing.  The hat is to keep the sun from his eyes.  The kerchief is to keep the dust from his nose.  The chaps permit him to ride a horse without chafing his legs . And the sneakers are so he don’t look like a god damn truck driver.”

Thus the woman was enlightened.


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8 thoughts on “Texas Wisdom #76”

  1. If you’ve never spent time in Texas that conversation will be foreign to you and leave you scratching your head as you try to apply non Texan logic. The only logic that works here is Billy Bob’s

  2. jenphalian – Thanks for the link. Mr. Gaiman is, as always, articulate, eloquent & to the point. I was especially taken with the line “Wait. Read the original book again.” In this particular case, we are more than fortunate in that there are almost 20 “original” books to choose from. And that’s just the Dragaeran Novels. An embarrassment of riches indeed.

    Big Mike – While I know it can be difficult, I also know, from past experience, that, if you possess yourself of a little patience, you will be more than amply rewarded by Mr. Brust. You’re gonna have to trust me on this one…I’ve been reading his work for well over 20 years & have yet to be disappointed. In an uncertain world it is comforting to know that there are a few things one can count on. Chief among these for me is the guarantee of an entertaining tale from Mr. Brust (whether new or re-read).

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