0 thoughts on “Off to Tel Aviv”

  1. Yowza! Enjoy the flight, and have fun!!

    I’m interested in hearing about it!


  2. The only day I can be there is Tuesday and I just checked and found out that there is not much going on that day. I hope to see you there. If things won’t work out I’ll just change the usual post-army trip and go west insted of East (Don’t let the my stalkish nature bother you. I have three more years to go). Have fun!

  3. Oooh, how I wish I could go! I didn’t even know Icon existed until your LJ post. I’m salivating at the great topics to be had.

    Godspeed on your travels, Master Storyteller.

    Is TECKLA on the docket for discussion at all?

  4. Here’s to hoping someone will come forth with the signing dates and times, because I fear I’ll be in an anctivity when they happen.

    They do happen, right?

    Have fun in Israel.

  5. don’t get hit by any qassams over there. You’re still on the line for a number of books :P

  6. You take care across the pond, Boss. Have much fun! =grin= I’m hoping they got you the good plane… no live chickens, but with amenities. Like that trip you had with Caliann.

    May the hotel have a good hot tub!!!


  7. “don’t get hit by any qassams over there.”

    The good thing about Quassams is they hardly ever hit what they’re aimed at…

  8. Hi, I’m from Icon.
    Lately there are no qassams at all and there never were any in Tel Aviv, so you don’t need to worry about any future books.

    Signing dates:
    Wed 15/10 16:00 Eshkol 3
    Thu 16/10 14:00 the library

    And to whoever is interested in coming to Icon in the future – we get some people from abroad the last few years, but I must “warn” you that most lectures, discussions, and all roleplaying games are in Hebrew, so English speakers are limited to geusts of honour events, movies, some of the shows and the stands market. Sorry…

    And of course meeting many Israeli geeks.
    Tourists say we are a lot of fun.

    I have to agree. :)

    See you in Icon, look me up.

  9. It has been a pleasure and an honor meeting with you – your ideas and tips were truly inspiring; almost as your books!

    I hope you found Israel interesting or at least harmless and may one day visit it again :)

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