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  1. holy crap you’re fast. What happens next? The editor reads it, you rewrite it, and then publication?

  2. Gosh and goodness! That was quick. Hopefully we’ll not have to wait too long before we can read it.

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations on finishing it. Can’t wait to read it.

    When do we find out about the Super Sekrit Project….?

  4. I love the Phoenix guards. It’s one of my top 50 favorite Three Musketeers knockoff books :)

    Glad to see Iorich moving along!

  5. Yayy! I need to oil up my fan-boy catcher’s mitt and get ready for a weekend of Vlad induced total seclusion. Luvvit and thanks for the hard work!

  6. Congratulations! And good luck with the super sekrit project. Looking forward to both!

  7. Congrats on completion of Iorich and thank you for all your hard work, book after book, after book.
    I’ve just finished Jhegaala and like a fine meal, it has left me satisfied but still wanting more. I think I will go back and re-enjoy the earlier courses while I wait for Iorich to be served up. It’s been a couple of years since I read the entire series from start to the most recent book. I’m due and you know what, I’ve earned it too.

  8. Awesome news.

    With luck, we might see this on shelves by late next year!

    Now that it’s basically done, are there any tantalizing hints or clues you’d care to share regarding this one?

    No pressure. Just looking for something specific to salivate about for the next 12 months.

  9. Wintergreen wrote “I’ve just finished Jhegaala and like a fine meal, it has left me satisfied but still wanting more.”

    No, you’re thinking of Dzur. :-)

  10. Thanks for all the kind words. I’m guessing about a year until it appears, but no way of knowing? Hints? Um…it’s set four years after Dzur.

  11. Congrats!
    Four years after Dzur… That leaves a whole lot of time for a number of books in between. Just had a crazy idea – Are you going to make a fantasy first by giving us the elast volume of a multi-volume fantasy series BEFORE writing the rest of it?

  12. 4 years? That’s gonna make Vlad Norathar old enough to walk and begin receiving fatherly instruction in the ways of being Vlad-like!

  13. I have way too many questions. Like…

    Does Vlad get a new squeeze? I’m tired of Cawti.

    What happens when Lady Teldra wakes up?

    Does Vlad kill Verra?

    Is Vlad still hunted by the Jhereg?

    Does Vlad join another House? I mean the options are limited and I can’t see him as a Dzurlord, but still…

    Will the cycle turn and Norathar become Empress in Vlad’s lifetime? I’m fuzzy on how far into Zerika’s reign Vlad’s stories take place.

    Will the paper recipe change anything in Dragaera?

    Grr….too long to wait for answers. But I’m happy there’s another book coming, and hopeful it’ll answer at least one of these.

  14. Congrats on the new draft. I must say that I agree with Alicia and having many questions. However, I am more then happy to wait for it to come out, just makes me want to read it more.

  15. Finally…Iorich. When the Monkey-Ninja-Zombies Attack!!!

    My only question is do they attack in their individual space ships or do the combine to form a single mega-robot?

  16. Congrats. Looking forward to it like everyone else.

    @23 and 24
    “Finally…Iorich. When the Monkey-Ninja-Zombies Attack!!!”
    “Wondertwin powers–activate! Form of: a giant single monkey-ninja-zombie-robot space ship!”

    I guess I missed that episode. Is that what the Jenoine are?!?

  17. The thirst has been reawakened! I must have more monkeys and zombies! This book will be awsomeness incarnate.
    Seriously, now I HAVE to replace my overworn and beatup old Vlad novels. Oh well, I will pass them on to friends so that they may know the joy. Any chance on another Valabar’s recipe coming soon?

  18. 4 years?!?! 4? years? you weave a twisted tale indeed sir.

    in reference to 20 – alicia

    vlad needs a chick, plain and simple. as much as i feel like wishing cawti was around so i could slap her every time i read teckla i can’t say i hate her. obviously i feel like slapping vlad due to his actions in response to the things cawti did/does but i can’t hate him either. never-the-less, vlad needs a new pair of ankles or cawti’s, but unless the jhereg suddenly says ‘hey, let’s not worry about mr. taltos anymore’ vlad wont be able to settle down with anyone anytime soon. Lady Teldra (i can’t refer to her as godslayer with a straight face, remover of aspects of deity is easier oddly enough) has offered vlad sanctity anywhere, yet i doubt he’ll finally build that castle finally. btw, what ever happened with cawti’s little revolution? they obviously failed, proven by paarfi, unless he was lying for no reason.

    vlad can’t kill verra, if he does than who would be working his strings? barlen? i don’t think so.

    the only thing that would get the jhereg off vlad’s back is killing off the council, dismantling the whole organization, putting up safe gaurds to make sure the business doesn’t start up elsewhere, etc. no no… after all these years the jhereg want vlad badly. unless of course he’s started running it all with teldra at his hip, which isn’t so suprising but would take a long time to describe to the readers. “So, 3 years ago i took over the Jhereg… a meal at valabars can inspire confidence!’

    if i remember correctly (which i probably wont, im bad at math) norathar takes the throne 30 years after the taltos books take place. i don’t feel like looking at PG or FHYA to check this, even tho i’ve just started reading FHYA for like, the fifth time this year.

    and i hope the paper recipe thingy that was sent to the empress some how gets involved with those ‘rags’ or tabloids that are found in barber shops o’ so often. i.e. vlad helping the revolution along without even being aware of it.

    again, wtf steven! 4 years? vlad is ready for his mid-life crisis by now.


  19. Don’t ever give away Vlad novels. Do what I do and loan them Jhereg to get them hooked, then make them BUY the rest, Steven “surely has whiskey to buy, and grandchildren to spoil.” Yes, I am a Vlad pusher. (JK: I am almost literally quoting SKZB when years ago a buddy of mine mistakenly told him he checked out all his books from the library.)

  20. I just finished the book.
    And afterwards I almost started to cry because I remembered that now I’ll have to wait for at least a year for the next.

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