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I’ll be writing more later–probably a lot more.  For now, I’ll only say that I was more taken with Tel Aviv than any other anti-Zionist you’re liable to meet.  Everyone was great to us.  We had a blast.  I miss everyone there.  I want to go back.

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  1. Welcome back home Steve and Reesa. I hope you had an easier flight on your return trip! We had a blast hosting you here in Tel Aviv. Your feats of swordplay will not be easily forgotten.

  2. You just miss all the girls sitting at your feet, staring up at you adoringly as you tell dirty jokes. :D

    We miss you too, and hope you all come back soon!

  3. Michael: We missed you on the rest of the trip, during the various hassles (which Reesa will, I’m sure detail later). We realized that you have a calming influence on everything around you that would have made things much easier. Next time, you have to stay with us all the way to Texas. Just sayin’.

    Catherine: Some things one cannot grow weary of. :-)

  4. Michael@1: Hereby seconded; the sword-fighting was simply excellent. I don’t think any victory has ever been so dashing, especially not when orchestrated purely by mistake.

    Catherine@2: As one of the aforementioned girls, I must say, the feeling is mutual. *g*

    skzb@3: Looking forward to the next posts! Although I’m not sure how eager we should be to let the world know that Israelis are easily amused by pig-fucking jokes. It’s not entirely our fault, mind; you are a very engaging comedian.

  5. Ella! Did I screw up your email address, or are you just being lazy about answering? *sniff*

    And *everyone* is amused by pig-fucking jokes. They are the Great Equalizer of humor. Wherever you go, a pig-fucking joke will never let you down.

  6. skzb@5: That’s what I get for trying to put some extra artistic effort into my response! I see I’m going to have to be very prompt about my communications hereupon–you’re quite the demanding partner, sir, if you don’t mind me saying.

    By “Great Equalizer”, I’m assuming you mean “lowest common denominator”? ;) Not that I’m implying your humour is common–on the contrary, some of the hand gestures which accompanied the bit about the backwards-horse-saddle were positively… enlightening.

  7. skzb@5: I perfer the statistical term, “normaliser”. Its a more non-prejudicial term, methinks.

    In my part of the world, its more sheep and goats. Eg, “It was only ONE goat! Why is everyone holding that against me? C’mon, lets focus on the issues here.”

  8. Oh, and when I mean “goat”, I mean the animal, not people that fall under that Chinese zodiac sign.

  9. “You see that TV station over there?

    “I was a news journalist there for 30 years; but do they call me Jones the communicator? Heck, no.

    “But you fuck one goat….”

    That sort of joke?

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