Leaving Las Vegas

On Wednesday, May 28th, I’ll be packing up boxes and such.  On Thursday, May 29th, I’ll be loading a truck and getting ready to leave Vegas.  If anyone feels like helping me load the truck on Thursday, there will be pizza and such provided.

Come to think of it, if anyone feels like helping me pack on Wednesday, I won’t turn you down.  :-)

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  1. If you pay my plane ticket to vegas, I would be more than happy to come and help.


  2. Finals finish on the 28th, it’s a sixteen hour drive from here to Vegas…. If only I were twenty years younger.

  3. But I just moved here (again)!

    I could probably spare some time wed or thurs evening. Well maybe not Thursday, since it *is* my wedding anniversary. ;-)

    Hmm…do you need boxes?

  4. My mother lives in Henderson, I wonder if I could talk her into flying me out… you know, to visit her… I have strong doubts, but I’m so calling to ask. I am curious though, does “and such” mean beer?

  5. To clarify though, I wouldn’t really use my mother like that, we had planned for me to come out soon, it’d just be all the better if it coincided with helping out Steve.

  6. “And such” means BAD beer. Because, according to my beer snob friends, I have horrible taste in beer (except for Emma, who says I like “hammock beer). Anyway, probably Rolling Rock.

  7. Oh Steven *shakes head*, no wonder you said “and such”. LOL. I’m more of a Guinness guy myself, but free beer is free beer, right? I need a few days to see if I can make it happen, but with a little luck, you might have a extra set of hands for this move.

  8. You show up, I’ll get some Guinness. The only trouble is, all my spoons will be packed, so how will you eat it?

  9. For the beer snobs, pass around some of that skunky stuff they call beer early on. When you get to the third round, switch in the
    RR–by that point they can’t taste the difference.

  10. ah, and a chance to handle a famous writers personal belongings….*giggle* the groupie in me is jealous of all the available hands in vegas, if only my kids were older or something so I could go too! :)

  11. Sadly, Vegas is a bit far.

    I have no idea where you’re moving to. However, if it’s East, and you happen to find yourself on I-90 in Wyoming, passing Gillette, and need sleep, I have two spare bedrooms, two extra mattresses, and a Good Samaritan complex and absolutely no urge to force my exhausted guests to make conversation. Should the need for rest coincide with the location, my phone numbers are on my LiveJournal info page and you’re more than welcome to save the cost of a motel and get a free hot meal.

    Just sayin’. How often do you have to opportunity to do some good?

  12. I assumed he was moving to Texas, isn’t that where Kit and Reesa are? I should hope so, considering Reesa now owns a tattoo/piercing shop in College Station, TX. If she lived elsewhere it’d be quite the commute.

  13. Goat@16: Yes, Steve is moving to College Station. We’ll be leaving the ‘Slut Barn’ behind and moving into a new ‘Dream Cafe’, a house with room for all of us.

    Your offer is very nice though, Matt. It’s awesome how generous Steve’s fans are, in all kinds of ways. The bids and donations of Steve’s readers have gone a long way to help make the move possible, so we’re all intensely grateful.

  14. kit @ 17: “Slut Barn”? Something tells me that this is a standing name for your current residence and not just something you made up on the fly. Care to share the origins of said epithet?

  15. Goat@18: You are correct. It is graffiti left by prior residents on the back porch and badly covered up. It reads, ‘Welcome to Slutbarn.’ There’s also gay symbolism (interlocking male symbols), the rebel alliance logo, the words ‘butt didlo [sic]’, and one of my favorites, the phrase ‘fascism is a-ok.’

    It was obvious when Reesa first moved in that the house came with a name. The new place will be Dream Cafe because Steve’s house always is, and the name Slutbarn belongs to the current one. There’s no colorful graffiti at the new place but our neighbor across the way does have a crazy jesus statue with an american flag. I’m pitching for us to put Buddy Jesus or Bob with his pipe on our lawn, next to a red flag.

  16. LOL! I am so glad I asked. I’m not sure where to procure a 3/4 life size Buddy Christ, but I bought a dashboard size one at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in New Jersey a few years back. That statue as well as well as T-shirts, bobble heads and peel and stick images are available at their website.

  17. This is incredibly tempting. What time are you planning to start? I live in Boulder City, and have been a fan for twenty years.

  18. Ah. You moved away from Vegas. I was going to be in the area, and was going to offer to buy you a meal. I know how hungry writers get.

    Alas, c’est la vie.

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