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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White


  1. The good guys win.

    DUDE! Spoilers!


  2. Want Jhegaala spoilers? I should have my ARC by Saturday.

  3. Bawrence@2: I know you were joking, but just for the record — and for the other readers and commenters on the blog — our official policy on Jhegaala discussion is no spoilers until it is officially published, at which time we’ll make a specific thread just for spoiler discussion.

    Enjoy the book, I know I did.

  4. So far I’ve resisted the urge to wait by the mailbox all day. At 1pm eastern time I’ll either get started on it or be in a funk for the next 24 hours.

  5. Got it. If anyone needs me for anything in the next 24 hours, type loudly.

  6. This is so totally great that he’s picking up readers with this. He’s speaking at one of our libraries in Seattle this weekend, and talked with us for a couple of posts for our library blog. Good guys indeed!

  7. Hey guys, not sure if you’d be interested… but thought I’d point it out.

    Cory Doctrow was on AoTS today (which is like the only TV I still watch these days) so I thought I’d find it and link it here.

    Pretty good I thought.

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