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  1. I’m sorry this is out of the blue and has nothing to do with the post but I just heard the most wonderful rumour I ever heard and I was wondering if it is true. According to the rumour you’re coming to Israel for Icon. Sorry if it isn’t true or something. I’ m just too excited to contain myself.

  2. So, this is way off subject, but I don’t know where else to ask it. Steve, my brother has the jhereg from the cover of Athyra tattooed on the outside of his left calf. He was thinking of getting the Cycle (as per the graphic used on the Adrilankha Gift Shop) tattooed on the other side, he wanted to know how accurate it is. He says he’ll probably get it anyway though, since the jhereg on his leg is already an interpretation of what the jhereg is supposed to look like and not really how you imagined it. He just wanted your input before he did it.

  3. Everyplace except Chicago. Even if you work your way to the Midwest, no dice.
    We even have Shibaricon this weekend and still….no SKB and family. Ah well.

    (posted here because this seems to be the *incredibly random comment* thread.)

  4. Man. If it was any other weekend I’d make the drive up from Virginia. No can do, my pool is open and the relatives are converging.

  5. “that’s a lovely accent you have, New Jersey?” ok randomness aside, does anyone have a book recommendation for those who like Brust’s work? Thanks (just about to finish Freedom and Necessity and loving every minute)

  6. Mog @ 1: That’s true.

    Goat @ 2: I have, and I suppose I might again, but as I get older I find I get more and more irritated with hassles about finding a place to smoke. I will say that when I was at Lascon, they bent over backward to accommodate me, which was very nice.

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