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Skyler White and I recently finished a book called The Sword of Happenstance, which, we hope, someone will want to buy.  Just for fun, we then took a chunk of it and turned it into a short story, and then, for even more fun, we turned the short story into a performance piece.  So for those interested, the reading can be found here.

(Also, thanks to Chris Olson who sort of started this project, and Jeff Printy for doing the audio-video work.)


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11 thoughts on “A Reading For You”

  1. Aw, thank you! Though it is Olson with a second “o”. (An oft-missed spelling to be sure.) .;)

  2. A pleasure to see you obviously enjoying each other’s work. Also the little grins as each character gives credit to the other for quick thinking.

  3. I liked this quite a lot. Bit tired so I only made it about 10 minutes in. Apologies. I enjoyed seeing the reading but maybe more importantly, made me wish for the book or the rest of the story. :-)

  4. I really enjoyed this and the hot tub version. Can’t wait for the book. You can let whoever is thinking on buying it that the readers definitely support you in email. :-)

  5. Unrelated question: do you ever block people from your site? You have very interesting fans who are great but every once in a while there is a real treasure who comes out rude and all knowing. Just curious if this is a problem and if you are forced to block them.

  6. Don’t start that, Sandra, please!! I’m fed up of sensitive snowflakey writers (and other professions) who’ll block you so much as look at you on Twitter, for a start!!

    Anyway, Steve’s got much too much heart, balls, and good sense for that, eh, Steve??

    Anyone who can put up with a Lokean (btw this one is also known as Liz K; and both the above are also my Twitter names! You can go there for explanations… :) ) can put up with pretty much anyone… Prolly! :)

    Mind you, re the “knowitalls”… (I presume that’s what you mean Sandra by posters who are all knowing?) There are indeed a few dissenting voices on this site; but most of them have quite a lot that is interesting to say….. I quite often just read the arguments on this site, sit back in the background and feel I’m learning something! I don’t think all sorts of issues are that clear-cut at all… They need some debate. On things like the gun debate, they certainly get some here! Have you seen how many comments that post has attracted??

    Keep ’em coming, please, Steve!

    However, how many posters on this site are actually socialist like Steve… I don’t think I’ve tried to tally yet. (Incidentally: one of those would be me, but I’m more Utopian than Marxist!)

  7. Sandra: Hardly ever. I can only think of two people I’ve blocked: one who who kept making comments on my personal life, and another who said, “Maybe the police do sometimes shoot innocent people; frankly I don’t care.” (And this latter, by the way, I didn’t block, I just ignored, until he started getting really offensive in response to my ignoring him.)

  8. oneoflokis: No idea how many people on this site consider themselves socialist. Interesting question. I know that I do encourage disagreement and dispute so long as it is constructive: I get impatient with people who are just around to tear everything down to show how clever they are but have no interest in the fight for understanding. But I don’t usually block such people, I just say mean things to them.

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