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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White


  1. mwahahaha must be a relative if mine

  2. You made me proud, Cousin.

  3. It’s said that housecats infect their owners with a brain virus. Given the number of popular songs from the past half-century that have gained Missy-specific lyrics in the last three years, I can only accept that this is true.

    Also, bravo!

  4. Cats are excellent inspiration for you. Bravo!

  5. Well done. Now go write a book.

  6. You can play poker everyday for the rest of your life and you’d still be fucking awesome.

  7. But yes, I’m waiting for the book too.

  8. skzb

    Thanks. 🙂 Working on it.

  9. If there were 17 days in the week, would that be the start of a poem about the Great Feline Cycle?

  10. skzb

    Yes, but someone else would write it.

  11. Dare we hope that Paarfi would write it?

  12. I don’t believe you really live with a cat – there is no day devoted to hairballs or punitive upchucking.

  13. skzb

    The cat is still pretty new. I’m sure those will come.

  14. Bravo! Mine likes my lap, of course, and when I’m at the computer she’s usually lying across one or both of my forearms.

  15. Sleepy cat sinks into a nap,
    Haughty cat yearns to slap.
    Angry cat growls and lashes tail,
    Drowsing cat dreams and plots with eyes in veil.
    Mountain cat looks down from lofty height,
    Jungle cat stalks and blends with night.
    Sleeping cat strikes from belly touch,
    Aloof cat doesn’t care as such.
    Startled cat rends and then licks fur,
    Sleeping cat signals with its purr.
    Affronted cat won’t forget,
    Sly cat weaves his net.
    Ambush cat crouches and strikes, unseen,
    Hungry cat circles, hard and lean.
    Frightened cats hides under couch,
    Sleeping cat shifts as humans slouch.
    Warm cat cloaks in fur quite dry,
    Aroused cat opens just one eye.

  16. @ Steve – Glad someone did it. All I had was “Naughty tomcat yearns to spray” for line 2.

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