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The Incrementalists Cover

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By skzb

I play the drum.

18 replies on “The Incrementalists Cover”

Since you are one of my few “automatically buy whatever zie writes in hardcover” writers the cover:

a) makes me ever more impatient for the book to be published


b) makes me think Scalzi has good taste

Also congratulations.

Ok, it’s September 24th in the US; do you have any idea of when the UK edition makes it over the pond?

And yes, it is a wonderful cover…

Sorry, no. But I’ll try to announce it when it is. There will be a web page for the book soon, and it should also be announced there. If possible, there will be a facility to notify you when the page changes, so you needn’t keep checking it. But we’ll see.

That’s great, thank you.

And now I had better go before I start gibbering with uncontrollable excitement again: iPad is insisting that it’s ‘The Incriminalists’ but screw them: we will have the Zelazny and we will have ‘Hawk’..

Life is doesn’t get much better than this…

I don’t really have much to say about the cover, except… it did it’s job.

I clicked that link, barely aware you even HAD a book by that name coming out anytime soon.

I closed the picture, with a new “must read” item on my list.

Congrats, I’m hooked. :)

BTW, are you two channeling Spider Robinson, or something? Because this sounds like something he’d write…

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