37 thoughts on “New Home Page”

  1. I like the color scheme. The cursive banner at the top is a bit on the large side for my tastes though.

  2. Policy on Fanfic link broken
    Can’t post with IE 7
    might want a page with convention info – where you are going and ‘how to get me to your convetion’

  3. I have a large monitor and the page header still takes up half the screen. I suggest make the Dream Cafe words a little smaller and decrease the white space above and blow. “You’re in the wrong place…” font clashes with the sans serif fonts used for the rest. Thanks for all you write. Cheers!

  4. Agreed. I have a huge display and the header takes up most of the space; also, each comment takes up a rather large vertical chunk – scrolling thru many will be a pain in thefinger.

    Otherwise, lookin’ good.

  5. Will there be any more Vlad books in the future? I need a fix.
    I like this format. Very clean.

  6. There’s no menu. If this is a cafe, I’d like to know what dreams are available for enjoyment. ;) Seriously though, it’s pretty smooth and the color scheme is appealing. Enjoy your new home.

  7. Looks beautiful on a tablet. I love the new header.

    In general I like the layout too, but having to scroll through all comments of the current thread to get to links and other posts will get tedious with long threads. I felt like I was scrolling forever w/18 & I’ve seen quite a few threads go past 50.

    Maybe move the recent posts and recent comments section to the top or provide a link to jump down to them?

  8. Jeremy,

    To enable comment editing, we would also have to require people to create accounts either with the site or with another trusted source (e.g. twitter or facebook.)

    I’d be curious if people would like that, it’s not too tough to whip up.

  9. Thanks, Corwin. I make a lot of off-the-cuff posts that require a hurried edit once I see what I typed, so if it’s not much extra work for hou, I’d definitely be on the “prefer login” list. :) I’m lazy as well as undisciplined, but we need to enter name & e-mail to post anyway, so it should be 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other re: time it takes to post.

  10. I see no problem with logins being an option (and thus permitting editing and avatars and such), but don’t want logging in to be required.

  11. Looks nice and clean. My one nitpick is that I’d like some of the right-hand-margin on the blog column moved to the left. On my display, with the window just big enough to not have any brown stripes, there’s about 1 cm of left margin and 6 cm of right (between the blog column and the links column), which feels a little cramped to me. The right side should definitely be bigger than the left, because there’s text on the right to avoid, but maybe just a bit more on the left?

  12. Smooth! Next you need an Android and IOS app with full smartphone integration (free of course, I don’t want to pay for it).

  13. Are you planning to reincorporate blog cross-posting to Livejournal?

    Also, when typing in the comment box, the “Enter your comment here” text remains in the box while you’re trying to type under it. The same goes for the “Name” and “Website” fields below. Or maybe that’s just me.

  14. Yeah. I’ve told Corwin about that. It might already be fixed.

    That other thing is odd; I’m not having that problem. Strange.

  15. Steve, I think its an IE thing. That problem that Susan is having doesn’t appear to be on other browers (I’m saying this on the assumption that Susan, like myself is see this on IE).

    Please comply with the Microsoft’s HTML Standards.

  16. I’ve just now seen that the comment threading doesn’t work for everyone. The hidden field which holds the ID being replied to, comment_parent, is empty for me, even though the correct ID is being passed via “replytocom”. I have neither cookies nor java script enabled, so I assume one of those is supposed to populate the field.

  17. The editor is replacing three periods in a row with the ellipsis character. This is generally rather unpleasant in any event, but it’s especially ugly if you end a sentence with a 4-dot ellipsis….

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