Texas Wisdom #6

The Manifold Path:

1. Right View: Get glasses if you need ’em, nothing to be ashamed about.

2.  Right Intention: Plan to get that roof fixed.

3. Right Speech: Sharp commands will work best on your hound dog

4. Right Action:  Clean your shotgun after each use.

5. Right Livlihood: If you can’t get a job at Jake’s Auto Repair, check with Fred at the Junkyard.

6. Right Effort: Try to find a woman who can watch your hound dog for you when you’re busy.

7. Right Mindfulness: Don’t get so drunk you argue with the police.  You can’t win that one.

8. Right Concentration: Ten bushels of dried corn (ground to meal) to nine gallons of water to half a bushel of barley to two galloons of hops.

Billy-Bob Gautama

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