0 thoughts on “I just had to say it”

  1. That reminds me of the story of the piece of string who walked into a bar.

    The bartender refused to serve him and kicked him out, so he contorted his body into as awkward shape as he could manage, and pulled his hair out so it was all shaggy and went back in the bar.

    The bartender said “Hey’ you’re that piece of string I just threw out!”

    And the piece of string said, “No, I’m a frayed knot.”

  2. And the two atoms who ran into each other.

    The first one said, “Someone stole one of my electrons.”

    The second one said, “Are you sure?”

    The first one replied, “Yes. I’m positive.”

  3. There’s another bar story in where a skeleton walks into one and asks for a beer and a mop.

  4. That above comment was one of ten I submitted to a pun contest and was hoping that one of them would win.

    Unfortunately no pun in ten did.

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