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  1. Too bad there is no House of the Sloth. That would be your first chapter.
    The Latin names for the house mouse (Mus musculus) and the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) share the same specie name. Apparently musculus can either mean “little mouse” or “muscular”.

  2. .. followed by a good cup of klava and a healthy serving of pig eat’ns to start the journey.

  3. Dear beercrafter@1, I’m told this is because making your muscles move reminded people of little mice running around underneath your skin. Could be hooey, of course, but it’s a story worth telling for the look on most people’s faces when they hear it.

  4. Someone says nap and I immediately think C’thulhu. I am not a mentally healthy individual.

  5. Yeah, but who has time for naps anymore? Between scouring the book store shelves for more things to read, having to go to that place that gives you money for staying there so you can buy the books you’re trying to find, and finally reading the books you’ve looked all over for, who has time to nap?

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