Sorry Day in Aggieland

I remember College Station
In the big Hurricane
We knew that when it reached us
We might get some rain

Wasn’t that a sorry day (a sorry day)
A sorry day (a sorry day)
A sorry day great God that morning
When the Aggie’s all got wet.

The gas, it all was rationed
The people screamed in fear
Refugees from Houston
Had bought up all the beer.

Wasn’t that a sorry day….

The post office was closed down
We couldn’t get our mail
The golf course was pelted
With golf balls the size of hail

Wasn’t that a sorry day….

Pools of water gathered
On low spots of the earth
The stoners broke for Austin
And the straights ran to Fort Worth

Wasn’t that a sorry day….

The taxi wouldn’t move
And all the Aggie’s moaned
The rain had gotten bad enough
That football was postponed

Wasn’t that a sorry day….

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0 thoughts on “Sorry Day in Aggieland”

  1. So are you somewhere safe from all this lovely weather? You can come visit us in El Reno… well we have a couch and lots of floor anyway….
    I hope we’re far enough from the coast…
    Have a great day!

  2. LOL I love it!
    It has been funny watching the day of lazy rain (much like any other day of rain) after everyone got in such a tizzy: waiting in line for gas, buying up all the water at the grocery store, putting up all the blowables from their yard, not one but two neighbors coming over to see if I need help putting the fence panels in the garage (hello, they are 6′ x 8′ treated lumber, they ain’t goin’ anywhere folks).
    But at least we got some much needed rain out of this one, Rita didn’t even give us that after a similiar fuss was made last year.
    Ok, I admit it, I put the pets in the house, and made sure the kids would spend Friday and Saturday night in town rather than in a flimsy trailer, but it still cracks me up that b/cs freaks over hurricanes when we are 3 hours drive from the coast.

  3. Yeah, I’m not being holier-than-thou–we pulled a few things inside, got water (and beer!) and went through a lot of the shenanigans everyone else did. But I can still laugh about it.

  4. I’m glad you all survived! Being a native Texan, it’s strange to read about too much water falling from the sky… Not a common problem there!

    To cancel football games, though… That’s just unholy.

  5. Hello Steve,

    Ever since I learned that you moved to College Station, I always meant to invite you to dinner here in Houston at the restaurant I work for. On my tab, of course. My way of thanking you for the years of entertaining stories. I got the impression that you were something of a foodie and would love the experience of dining in the middle of a bustling kitchen, especially the kitchen of one of the top restaurants in Houston. Or, if not at the kitchen table, then perhaps outside on the patio under the giant magnolia tree, with live New Orleans style jazz playing.

    As I said, I meant to do this, meant to make it happen. Just as soon as I got a round tuit.

    However, in the wee hours of the morning, Ike burned the restaurant down. Since there was very little else to report, the TV news cameras captured it all, and showed it over and over, all night long. To add insult to injury, Ike then flooded my home with just enough water to ruin everything and give it The Smell That Won’t Go Away.

    I am sorry I kept putting off sending you the invitation. Now, I don’t think I will ever be able to. We always liked to say that our only real job at the restaurant was to create great memories. Now, all that is left are my own memories of the place.

    I DO have two 3-liter bottles of some oh, so very nice wine that I was saving for a special occasion. Maybe you could come down and attend an impromptu wake and help me drink them? We could sit on the curb across the street from the burned wreckage and pass the (huge) bottles back and forth like winos.

  6. Damn. I’m really sorry that happened, Daniel. If you still have the wine next time I head for Houston, that sounds like a great plan. If not, well, we’ll drink something else.

  7. Lots of rain, wind, and downed leaves and tree branches. Aggieland got lucky and I got an extra day off. I guess I got some exercise, too, moving all the furniture and plants from the patio to the garage and back again.

    Thanks for the song!

  8. Argh! There is no apostrophe for pluralization:
    One Aggie, two Aggies, three Aggies.
    (Sorry, I’m a punctuation stickler, it’s the grammarian in me.)

    Otherwise, nice imagery. Ike still had a decent amount of rain in it when it hit Canada on Sunday night, so I can imagine how wet you were three hours from the coast.

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