Murder Mystery Published

The murder mystery I wrote with my poker teacher Don Hill is being serialized on an online poker magazine called Blind Straddle.  The sample can be found here.

It’s a subscription site: you have to pay a fee to get access to the story.  I think it’s like $15.00 a year or so.   They have writers like Bob Ciaffone and Lou Krieger, as well as Adam Stemple and Chris Fox, so, while it may not be worth it just for my story, for any serious poker player it’s an easy call.

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  1. I’m not a serious poker player (or even a comedic one) but I am very excited for you. Congrats!

  2. Obviously it’s set in modern times, but you two so perfectly struck a tone reminiscent of pulp westerns I found myself reading with in Sam Elliott’s voice. It’s an evocative beginning, and should be great fun as it unfolds.

    (I mean pulp in a good way; Robert E Howard’s pulp westerns are a favorite of mine.)

  3. This isn’t pertinent to the thread, but not being sure where else to ask…

    I just read the two WSWS articles you’ve linked to, and the one on community service beings to mind a new book I wonder if you’ve read, Slavery by Another Name by Blackmon. It examines how the southern industrialists basically re-enslaved black people after the Civil War, at first by simply kidnapping them, then by twisting the peonage laws and pretending it was legal.

    The prose is subpar, but when he’s reporting the facts and not trying to be literary, it’s very horrifying and informative.

  4. L. Raymond @ 5: No, I’m not familiar with the book, though I should be. I started with the Civil War and found myself going backward, looking for causes, instead of forward looking for effects. I really should dig into Reconstruction a bit.

  5. Well, if it’s not too presumptuous, I’d be happy to mail my copy to you c/o Poking You. It’s a good book with important info that I think needs to be known, and since I’ve already copied out the bibliographic info I want, the book itself is now in my to-be-recycled pile. I normally ship that stack of books to Austin, so it wouldn’t be at all inconvenient to send one book elsewhere.

  6. Lou Kreiger is the man… does he contribute enough to the site to make it worth it?

    Besides your typical wonderful prose …

    BTW what is your game NL or Limit?

  7. ktard: Not really my site; the only thing I have to do with it is knowing Adam and Chris. I agree about Kreiger; I think he’s on there a lot.

    My best game is limit; I can only do well in NL against very bad players.

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