Again with the rewrite

Yet again, I have to start a full rewrite before finishing the first draft.  This is unusual for me–I like to get to the end before doing major revisions.  But all of a sudden PLOT showed up in the book, so what can I do?

The good news is that this is a much less significant rewrite than the last, and involves mostly a lot of cutting and pasting.  In draft form, I’ve finished chapter 14, and I suspect when I get finished with the rewrite, I’ll probably be in about the same place, only this time with a clear view to the end.

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  1. Well, we’ve had a book of cleaning orders, an MBA syllabus for the Organization, a handbook of professional courtesy, and a menu.

    (Teckla, Phoenix, Issola, Dzur)

    Tsalmoth could be about anything at all (though none knows how).

  2. Tsalmoth would have to be a series of architectural blue prints, wouldn’t it?

  3. You have to admire a man that would name his main Vlad! I like what I have read so far, and have a sense that this could be an interesting series.

  4. Hello Steve. You and I have emailed before over the years. I have moved from Michigan to Texas recently and would like to visit you in College Station and possibly get your autograph on my copy of Jhegaala. First, are you willing? Second, if you are willing, how do I find you? By the way, I’m a capitalist pig, conservative republican, born again christian, and I love your work. (I’m strangely getting more liberal as I get older… hmmm… I wonder what that means?) I’m pretty cheap, but still can’t help from running out and paying $25.00 bucks for your new releases when they appear at my local bookstore. I’m the guy who told you I cried when Tazendra died… sniff. I was so embarassed by my tears, but that was a pretty cool moment, as I’ve never been moved to tears by the death of a fictional character before. Good work indeed, my friend.

  5. Cal @ 9: Thanks, Cal. Drop me an email, and I’m sure we can set up some time for me to sign the book. My email address can be found on dream cafe web site.

    And, hey, I cried too.

  6. You would have to be pretty hard hearted not to be moved by Tazendra’s death. I assume that she and Aerich are scheduled for reincarnation at some point by the demon goddess.

    Considering her sense of humor and inscrutable ways, for all we know they came back as Loiosh and Rocza. Considering who Vlad is supposed to be a reincarnation of, I’d say anything is possible.

  7. I nearly think that Chreotha will be about how Vlad had to use a subterfuge to set up an assassination victim, as hinted in Jhegaala.

    I didn’t cry for Tazendra because she died exactly the way she wanted. I am still not sure what to make of Lady Teldra’s ah, death, ascension, whatever.

  8. It is odd to think of Lady Teldra as part of a weapon called God Slayer. Wouldn’t slaying a god be the height of rudeness?

  9. Himelhoch @ 13 & Majikjon @ 14:

    I should think that, if one were to slay a god, only Lady Teldra would know the precise way to do so in terms of ettiquette and ceremony, and would, therefore, be the most effective partner/weapon in slaying said god.

  10. Cal@9
    I’m also a capitalist, right wing, born again christian… And I am not even ashamed to say that I cried like a little girl when tazendra died!

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