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In more important news….

Check out my grandson!

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Oh no! He’s reached the dreaded upwardly mobile stage. Look out, nothing’s safe any more (was it ever?)!

But oh so cute.

He’s fantastic! I love watching babies walk. I also like the stage a little later where they walk like Godzilla because they don’t really have the hang of bending their knees.

The best part is how pleased with himself he is. And what a great laugh he’s got.

Wow. I wish you could see the giant grin on my face. It is hurting my cheeks. :) What a cutie!

I never doubted for a minute that Miklos would be extraordinary. He is Hungarian, after all. And a Brust.
Proud Great-Aunt Cynthia

Looking carefully at the video, I think any impartial observer would be able to see at once his bold determination, keen powers of observation, natural artistic bent, strong language skills, astonishing capacity for deductive reasoning, and fundamental kindness. One can tell a lot from an individual’s stride, you know.

skzb @ 10: LOL, cute. I take my nephew and niece to the park sometimes and people are always telling me about their kids.

“My 2 year old speaks 3 languages”

“My toddler can throw and catch a ball like a child many years older”

and so on, I like to respond with “My niece eats dirt”. I know you were being cute, but a lot of people I’ve met really think they need to brag on their offspring. They are kids, I think that’s pretty special in and of itself.

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