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I’m running a small contest here. Two prizes, both of them signed and personalized copies of Jhegaala (now that I have my copies).

One copy will go to the seventeenth person (only one entry per person) to email me offering to send me a copy of The Forest People by Colin Turnbull. I know there copies available on Amazon for much less than Jhegaala. (Uh, just to be clear, you have to actually send me Turnbull’s book.)

On the Dragaera list, people have been talking about their favorite lines in Jhegaala–a conversation an egomaniac like me can’t help but love. So, in that spirit, the other copy will go to the first person who guesses my favorite line in Jhegaala. Only one guess per comment, minimum five minute wait between comments by the same person.


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  1. To guess your favorite line in Jhegaala would imply that one has already read it. This severely reduces the value of the prize.

    I know, I know, I can expect to wake up to find a dead teckla on my pillow…

  2. corwin

    You see, Matt, that’s why there’s the other contest.

  3. Yeah, it’s signed and that’s cool but they’ve already read it. you should just sign the one they’ve already read. as for the other contest who’s Colin Turnbull? going to google now.

  4. Alas, I can’t find the exact line, so I’m probably going to mangle this, but I particularly enjoyed Vlad’s thoughts on triteness leading to quaintness, so I’m going to guess that.

    The second time he mentions it.

  5. ok, The Forest People looks pretty interesting. Are you in a hurry for it or could i read it before i send it? either way, i’ll be #1 to offer to send it.

  6. corwin

    Chuck, the offer only counts via email. And I don’t mind you reading it first if you read it quickly. 🙂

  7. shut up, Loiosh? it must be in there somewhere!

  8. Ok, here’s my second guess:

    They were all burned up in the flood.


  9. what email address?

  10. what email address? darn devil and his details. and de hoofs. and let’s not even get into de horns.

  11. I rather like the bit where Vlad tells Father Noij that Verra’s a bitch. So I’m going to guess that one. 🙂

  12. And I’ll stop after this one:

    I wish I’d let him finish the story. Succinctly poignant.

    Totally unrelated, except sort of, one of my favorite paragraphs in fiction is the one in The Phoenix Guards about Bengloaford. (I’m pretty sure I misspelled that.) It makes me laugh every time I read it.

  13. corwin

    chuck: skzb17 at dreamcafe21 dot com with all the numbers removed.

  14. i very much liked: “her form flying up, couldn’t help but loop once” p. 277

    The whole interlude is brilliant. More from the reptile point of view in the next book, please!

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if your favorite line was one of from Six Parts Water. Maybe the one about not noticing the body because the servants were dusting it.

  16. Too bad, Jhegaala isn’t out in Europe. I’d have to win the first contest in order to participate in the second. Hmm, how much does The Forest People cost on amazon? 🙂

  17. corwin

    Ganwell: I think I saw one for about $4 US, which would about ten cents in Euros. 🙂

  18. or it could be: “Uh.”

  19. “There is nothing worse than a smartass who pretends not to understand hyperbole.” Awesome.

  20. corwin

    BINGO! Good call, beer_crafter! I’d about given up. Email me your address, and let me know how you want it inscribed, and the book will go out to you.

  21. Damn.. and I was waiting until I finished the book I’m on to start re-reading Jhegaala to pick out the choice phrases.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to manufacture another excuse to re-read it.

  22. Well, that part tickled me. So much so that I stopped and read it aloud to my girlfriend, so it was still fresh in my mind a few days later.

  23. I’m sure there’s gotta be something worse than a smartass who pretends not to understand hyperbole. 🙂

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