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  1. Hmm, haven’t received my copy yet that I pre-ordered from Amazon. With the overnight shipping, I’m hoping for Wednesday . . .

    You tease us with your posts!


  2. I tried to send you an email, but my computer died a few characters into it. I lost the thought. It’s back now!

    I’m only in chapter two, but it’s lovely so far. Are the quotes before the Chapters from a real book?

    I’ve been playing with the Spore Creature Creator ( http://www.spore.com/what/platforms#platformscreaturecreator ). Anyone wanna try and make the House animals’ in Spore? The program is amazingly simple to use. I’d also like to see the Jenoine. Perhaps these would be good to put on the Lyorn Records when they’re finished?

  3. Eep! I haven’t ordered my copy yet! I’ll wait until Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll be available in Kindle format and I won’t have to wait for shipping. :)

  4. Hey, happy book day! I can’t wait to read it.

    (I just talked my local bookseller into letting me pick it up today. Insert evil laughter here. Mwah ha hah ha ha.)

  5. I’m waiting impatiently- the European version isn’t out until October (according to German Amazon), so I did the smart thing and am just waiting for international snail mail.

    It’s still going to be a couple of weeks, but at least it’s not October.

  6. Rene, how did you do that? I’m jealous! I asked yesterday and one place said that it’s “publishing date” isn’t until July 8, and they likely wouldn’t have it for another week!

    I can’t wait that long!!

  7. Yes, being able to talk a local bookseller into the day-early sale would be nice. I’m stuck with Amazon Prime, mine will be here tomorrow. :(

    And cue my age-old ritual of queue-shifting. I have a number of books that will get bumped down 1 space tomorrow. I need my Vlad fix!

  8. I loved seeing the stuff that made it from here into the book. ‘Pig eatins’ was already mentioned, how many more can you spot?

  9. Chris Olsen: I think I just lucked out with a bookseller who’s lax on the rules. Or I sounded desperate, I don’t know. Hope it gets to the store soon for you. :)

  10. This one is gonna get Steve on the NY Times best seller list.

  11. all you people that can afford the hardcover suck. :-p
    but keep buying, we want this to be the best selling book Steve’s ever had, right?

  12. Your the only s.o.b. that I shell out for the hardcover editions…hope your happy. Though in retrospect, its cheaper than being around you and buying you drinks..cheers!

  13. Chuck: Dude, that’s what libraries are for!
    Irish: Oh, man; were you one of the guys at ConDFW? (covers face)

  14. Anyone want to send me a hardcover to Australia? Happy to pay for shipping and cover book costs. Heh.

    We rarely get hardcovers over here.

    I’ve lived the last 6 years since leaving the US hardcover free. And it breaks my heart.

  15. Perfect timing on the release, I’ve got several friends whom I’ve converted over to the series with upcoming birthdays. Gift-books all ’round. Even my nephew whom has instructed me not to give it to him, as he still has not bought the prior title. (Sucker, gots to buy it now, don’t you!)
    GWW, Amazon.com will ship down under, I’ve done it myself as an Amazon reseller. Just remember that “surface” is 4-8 weeks shipping!

  16. I know better than to try to talk my local bookseller into breaking the shelf date, so I won’t be able to pick it up til Wednesday — I can’t get there while they’re open on Tuesday.

  17. Three of my favorite words, “Out for delivery”.

    This could be a tough day. Many client deadlines, my anniversary tomorrow and a new SKZB book.

    I’ve been involved with Vlad since ’82 but only married since ’94. Think she’ll understand?

  18. I preordered mine but I’m only getting it next week if not later. It’s too bad the english version isn’t that popular here, otherwise I’m sure they would have started selling it as soon as it got here. I once got a book like that a month and a half before the release date.

  19. I got to B&N around noon, and they hadn’t put them out yet! After dragging a floor jockey around by the ear for a while, I grabbed mine from the stack he brought out, and picked up Victory of Eagles while I was at it. I’m a few chapters into Jhegaala, now (all I could read on my lunch break), and enjoying it very much.

  20. Steve, will you be at WorldCon? My buddy Johnny was one of those guys at ConDFW, and I’ve always regretted not having been able to stay that night and buy you a couple.

  21. Sorry, Skwid; not going to be at Worldcon. Next convention for me will be Armadillocon; no plans after that.

  22. You know, I had forgotten that libraries had fiction too! I’ll have to run over and see if they have it. Not as good as owning it but maybe I’ll be able to read it soon. Thanks Steve!

  23. All I can say is, it’s a good thing the movers decided to show up a week late. I think my head would have exploded if I’d had to ignore both Jhegaala *and* Ink and Steel. I’m going to finish Jhegaala tonight. Hurray for dilatory movers and me!

  24. Girlfriend snatched my copy up when she saw it, so I patiently wait in line for it.

    I did grab the last copy on the shelf at my local Barnes and Noble. Muahahahahaha!

  25. Steve, is there any chance of some of your rabid fans supporting their favorite author a little more directly? Just for instance, if someone really wanted a signed hardcopy of Jhegaala, AND that someone also wanted an excuse to send their Imperials straight to the source… I’m just asking, is all. ;-)

  26. Is this where I should put copyeditor suggestions?

    Because Loiosh’s quip 6 lines up from the bottom of page 200 should clearly begin “I thought…” and not “It thought…”

  27. BigUglyManDoll @ 37: Thanks for the kind thought, but I don’t actually have books to sell. Nice of you to ask, though.

    Skwid @ 38 : Copyediting stuff should probably go straight to the publisher, if you feel so inclined.

  28. I think that BigUgly was wondering about sending the already-purchased book to you Steve, for your personal enhancement. A concept I’m intrigued by, also…

  29. I’ll happily do that, Bill, but I won’t charge for it. Drop me an email. Unfortunately, I can’t sign a book yet, because I’ve promised someone the first signed copy, and I’m waiting for my own copies to arrive.

  30. Hey Steve, just wanted to drop a line in here to say that I’m going to receive my preordered copy of Jhegaala tomorrow and in the Dominican Republic (small island in the caribbean) you have a few fans that always support your writing and devour each Taltos story. Keep on the good work.

  31. Steve,

    A wonderful read as always. I am very glad I managed to find time to pick it up, with current hectic summer schedules. An excellent read, as well. I’ll withhold comments here, since, well, there is a spoiler entry to put those thoughts into….
    But will there be a full cycle worth of Taltos books? One can only hope.

  32. Steve–I emailed Reesa and Kit yesterday. (And what about that “mail, required, will not be shown” bit above?)

  33. So far on amazon you have two 5 star reviews, and one 1 star review. All 3 of them make me really look forward to reading this book :-)

  34. Read it twice already…. Like all your books i’m sure it will be read many more times.
    My silent homage to you, is that your books have the most creases on their spines and have been replaced in my small library the most.
    Thank you for sharing the stories of these characters with us!
    Vlad and Loiosh just make me chuckle.. again and again!
    Off topic; Did anyone else just have to go get themselves a good meal after finishing Dzur?

  35. Most of my reading time is on the weekends while eating lunch and/or dinner. So, Dzur made me glad that I like eating good food at nice restaurants. Though Vlad’s choices (at least) one-up usual haunts.

    But then again, I rarely worry about being killed while out of my house. So it balances out in the end.

  36. @Mat48: I didn’t wait, I went out and had an awesome dinner while reading Dzur. Odd habit, reading while eating alone at elegant restaurants, but that was a damned fine meal – for eyes, tongue, mind, and stomach. I think its still hanging around my waistline though.

  37. Got it, read it, will re-read it.

    Amused to see that on the jacket the Tad Williams blurb has morphed from “SB might just be America’s best fantasy writer!” to “SB might just be America’s bestselling fantasy writer!”

    Which is just a bit more than silly. Reminds me of the Groucho Marx bit: “Plebo – the foremost manufacturer! Also available in economy size – fivemost!”

  38. Our summer place on the Cape has no internet access (and no landline for that matter) and I had almost forgotten it was time for the new novel-luckily I had to head to America briefly and grabbed a copy at Borders. Now I am doing my best to not read it too quickly but it’s hard given how well written and intriguing it is.

    I will say that walking out a half mile on the flats to a nice sandbar surrounded by tidal pools and plopping down in my camp chair to begin reading Jhegaala while a horseshoe crab and many hermit crabs and fish meandered by, was optimal.

  39. Finally I have my copy — from an independent sf bookshop here in the UK. They usually get things a lot quicker, only a couple of days behind the US so I’m guessing it didn’t get shipped til the second print run. A few chapters in and I’m loving it.

  40. hey Steve. The world you created with the Taltos novels rivals the best sci-fi or fantasy books i’ve read. I hope that when I tell you my friends and I talk about your books for long periods, you don’t blow this message off. Thank you. Thank you so much, you bring a lot of people a lot of happiness.

  41. The choice between eight hours of sleep and finishing the latest Vlad novel in a sitting?

    No choice at all.

    Question: which benefits you more: the purchase of hardback or paperback?

    Also, do you ever make it to the Portland (OR) area for cons/signings/etc?

  42. Andrew @ 55: I make more money from the hardcover, if that’s what your asking.

    If some convention in Portland wanted to bring me in, I’d be happy to show up.

  43. Glad to hear it–on both counts!

    Due to the voracious appetite of the book-monkey on my back, I generally need to wait for the paperback versions before purchasing new books. That rule gets chucked right out the window, though, the instant I see “Steven Brust” on the cover. I see those two words and it’s suddenly 2am, my wallet’s missing, and I just can’t wipe the smile off my face…

  44. Ever been approached to write any of Vlads stories for TV?
    Heh..it certainly would be better than alot of sci fi / fantasy shows currently on!

  45. matk: No, not so far. I’m not a TV writer myself (though of course I’d love to see it made into, say, an HBO TV show, as long as there were good writers doing it).

  46. I, along with many others, ran that by the Sci-fi channel on their forum several years back. Either they don’t read their own forum or dropped the ball. I’d love to see the team that brought Generation Kill and The Wire to HBO bring your series to any screen.

  47. Just reread Orca, as I’m sitting here watching the “financial Crisis” .
    With a crew like Bush, Chaney, and Paulson running things.
    It just makes me wonder…?

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