Shadow Unit Reruns

I’ve been watching the reruns, and among the things I didn’t notice the first time around is the episode where Worth shows up with a cast on her arm, and there’s no explanation for it, and nothing ever happens with it and no one comments on it.  Is it a clever bit of backstory, or is there something I missed, or is something being set up for next season?

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  1. I don’t think they ever explained it on the show. (They did make a MacGyver joke. My show is run by nerds!) IRL Camryn Kaufmann broke her arm bouldering–she didn’t want to look like an idiot during Worth’s climbing scenes.

  2. I figured the actress, Camryn Kaufman, got injured. But she wasn’t in a cast next episode. And none of the entertainment news sites OR her site mentioned it.


  3. Knowing that production team, even if it was happenstance then, it’ll show up eventually again and will turn out to have been a huge clue to something.

    Maybe by the next ep they had her in an inflatable cast so she could just slip it off for takes? Or–hey. Wasn’t that the last ep shot before the writer’s strike?

  4. Emma, 3: do you mean me? One of my ex-students used to work for a genre-friendly production company, knows a guy who works on SU, and knows I’m totally obsessed.

  5. HAH! How does it feel Steve!? It reminds me of that time a certain character in a book lost a pinky and was elusive as to how. Now you can sit and wonder like we do!

  6. Why, Hatchetman! Are you implying that Vlad Taltos obfuscates? The very idea!

  7. Goes to show how unexplained backstory adds depth and “more”. Loved the missing pinky and the rapier sheath and the many other mentions without explanation … let’s me know that Vlad’s life isn’t just about tales in a book but goes on in other venues!

  8. As far as the Vlad obfuscation goes, I’m actually enjoying the finger loss. We’ve got (I think) two different vague versions of what happened, and I’ll be disappointed if either one is actually true. :)

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