Investment Opportunity (no, really)

This is the slow time–I’m waiting on a royalty check, and the on-publication money for Gigolo, and the bankruptcy to be resolved.  Meanwhile, Reesa’s store is going through the slow months while the college is out.  This produces what capitalists call a “cash-flow problem.”

So, we’re looking for someone who wants to invest 10 to 15k in her business, to make up for the slow months and to prepare for the store’s 10th Anniversary sales and specials.  The loan repayments would start this time next year; in exchange for the delay, she’s offering a good interest rate.  If this is going to happen, it needs to happen pretty fast (before my car gets repossessed, for example).  For those who care, I’ll add that not having my car repossessed and having a roof over my head will result in the current project (Iorich, or, Your Itch) being finished rather, ah, sooner than otherwise.

If you think you might be able and willing to make this investment, write to me (see my web site for email address) or the address on the store site for more details.

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  1. I wish that I did have the money to invest. But I am I readying to drive from northern CA to Mexico City and am stocking up on audio books to keep me entertained (and awake) on the trip and during down moments in my archaeological research. Previously I have regretted not finding audio versions of Jhereg et. al., and though this may be naive, I wonder if producing audio versions of these books might provide a new (though not immediate) revenue stream?

  2. I, too, wish I had the money. But I’m out of work, trying to figure out what to do next and also trying to get the nerve up to start another novel.

    My severance ran out but Kansas will pay unemployment until some time in July (26 weeks).

  3. The suggestion above about podcasting your older work is worth looking into. I’m planning to research this in the next week, too. You should already have most of what you need to record to your computer, you’re a damn fine reader, and you could even lay in a doumbek track or guitar bit where it seemed appropriate.

    Also, in case you didn’t see it, thanks to the price of oil, the value of camels is going up—in India, if I remember correctly. So, if you’re looking for a side business in Texas, think mules and burros!

    Oh! Who has the electronic rights to your books? They should be available for sale online. I’m researching those markets now, too.

  4. ok…would a couple of people doing 5k each or something be acceptable instead of one doing 15K? and what kind of interest are we talking here? if not broadcasting can you send me a personal email and let me know please….

  5. Allow me to echo the above comments:
    A) I don’t have the kind of money that allows me to invest in green bananas, much less a business, but if I did I’d invest for such a cause, and
    B) I *do* have the money and would willingly part with it for podcasts/audiobooks of you reading pretty much anything you’ve written. TRIH might be tough to do, with the voices of angels et cetera, but your fan base would go wild to hear “Aibynn” lay down the drum tracks as the stories in _Phoenix_ unfold.
    _Agyar_ would be a pretty cool story out loud as well.

  6. I would pay some good money for audio recordings of some of your books man.

    There’s 3 of you living in the place… that’s a cast!

    Get some egg cartons and a mic.

  7. Never posted before, but figured I’d suggest… Slap a Donation button on the page, and I’ll toss 10 bucks at you, in hopes of you looking into the audio recordings more.
    Based on some of the other responses here, I may not be the only one willing to fund you doing some research, or to just ease the rough patch while an investment gets set up.

  8. i could be wrong spade413 but i believe Steve has a donation button at the following website. Sorry I don’t know how to make it a link…
    well, look at that…the website did it for me! cooool…..

  9. I don’t know if you’d qualify, but you might want to look into It’s a social financing company. and looks like a cool idea to me. It seems like it would help track who loaned you money and when payback was due. You could link your website to the loan and anyone with the funds could check it out. It’s a good rate of return for everyone.

  10. Thanks for the link, Gail, it worked perfectly. I didn’t even think to check the other site.

  11. $15,000 is beyond my means, but I’m sure your fans would be willing to help out on a smaller scale, without any thought of repayment. I think you are very likely to get 150 fans to donate $100 in exchange for exclusive access to some signature graphic design element, audiobook, podcast or piece of prose.

    For myself, I was definitely influenced by your books as a teenager, and I still purchase and read everything you produce. I’ve gone ahead and donated $100 as a gesture of appreciation.

  12. I’ve donated $100 as well. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and rereading your works, and I definitely appreciate them .

  13. Matt’s post @ 11 – I think that’s where the sweet spot is. Perhaps signatures/dedications on flyleafs, books sent to a PO box, rtn postage paid. Yeah! I’ve got the original ppbk of TRIH, the Canty-covered ppbk of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Cowboy Feng.

    Note that I said “return” postage – I bought the new release of TRIH because the original one is all yellowed (not acid-free paper, unfortunately) so I could read it again! :-)

  14. We’ve sent a hundred, as well. I figure we picked up a lot of your earlier books used so this is really just royalties with late fees. Keep up the good work and your chin, too.

  15. Allow me to add my voice to the clamor for ebooks (legal ones, that is). Fictionwise will broker them for you if you own the rights, and they have good market presence and pretty good terms, from what I’ve heard.

    Meanwhile, if folks have a few dollars to spare and want to mystify their friends and confound their enemies with cool t-shirts based on the writings of SKZB, check here:

    I administer the site, but every penny of profit goes to The Writer Man. :)

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