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…to everyone on this day of international working class solidarity.

By corwin

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Siun @ 3: My god! I didn’t know about that until you told me. That’s HUGE. That is the first political strike in, wow, I can’t even think how long. The difference between a political strike and an economic strike is, as Twain would say, the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug. An economic strike is an action against a specific employer; a political strike is a direct challenge to the State by the proletariat.

Thanks for posting that. This is the biggest news I’ve heard in a long time!

To all my brothers and sisters who work too hard for masters to whom they are less important than their caddies; I salute you!

OT but while workers were uniting US forces bombed the main hospital in Sadr City this morning – another brave blow for democracy and all that

no fatalities but at least 20 wounded (mostly women and children coming to visit relatives) and most of the ambulances destroyed

over 900 Iraqis killed by US forces in the past 4 weeks in Sadr City alone – that does not count the devastation of the ongoing US siege which blocks food, water and medical care

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