As some of you know,  the RSS feed isn’t working here.  Now a new problem has developed: as of sometime yesterday, I can’t post comments.   In order to even read the comments, I have to navigate to the administration page; somewhat like getting the output from a program by doing a core dump.  I have email and phone messages in with DDB hoping to fix this.  Meanwhile, pleases keep the discussions going, and I’ll jump in when I can.

Later: Fixed.  It was a problem local to my Firefox.  If there was any connection between it and the RSF feed problem, it is too arcane for me to figure out.

Update – Moving

Thanks to help from many people, we have moved about 95% of the Dream Cafe to its new home in Austin.  We have to wait a few days yet for the electricity and other utilities to be turned on, but I’m pretty sure the move will be complete by the middle of next week.  Thanks to everyone who helped us move: Andrea the Earth Godess, Robert the Indominatable, Austin the Indefatigable, Jason the Tetrismaster, Toni the Ever Vigilant, Derick the Steady, and Andy the Magnificent.

And also thanks to Toni and Jason and to Nathan’s friend Mandie for Packing Above and Beyond.