How to Fight THING

Nothing new here, just felt like organizing it in a nice list, because I like lists. But I’m pretty sure most of you have noticed this already, so I’m probably not telling you anything.

  1. THING is bad. All right-thinking people hate THING. This goes without saying.  Those who disagree are obviously evil.
  2. THING is not only bad, it is the worst. All other problems are secondary to THING.
  3. To question point #2  is to excuse or justify THING and be as bad as a THING-er.  You should be immolated.
  4. Any action to combat THING is justified.  Those who want human rights for accused THING-ers are THING supporters.
  5. To question Point #4 is to support THING and be as bad as a THING-er.  You should be immolated.
  6. THING is much broader than you think. There are a bunch of other things that look relatively harmless but are really just a part of THING or will lead to THING.
  7. To question Point #6 is just making excuses for THING and makes you as bad a THING-er. You should be immolated.

(Note for you dimwits who want to turn this back on me and replace THING capitalism, no.  #1: False.  Many, many people do not oppose capitalism only because they don’t understand it, or because they don’t see an alternative.  This does not make them evil.  And blaming capitalism does not “go without saying,” that’s why we say it so much.   Also, 3#: False. #4: False #5: False  #7: False.  But I will give you #2, and #6 works with a bit of bending.)




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6 thoughts on “How to Fight THING”

  1. Some Things that are fine:
    Ben Grimm
    Swamp Thing

    Some Things that could be fine or not depending on some other things:
    Alþingi – The Icelandic “General Thing”
    Folketing – The Danish “People’s Thing”
    Storting – The Norwegian “Great Thing”

    Some things that seem to need opposing albeit carefully:
    The Thing (although from the viewpoint of The Things, we things are the ones who need made over. It’s all about viewpoint after all.)
    Cosa Nostra

    Some things are fleeting in their permanence
    handa’dāni bhikkhave āmantayāmi vo, vayadhammā saṅkhārā appamādena sampādethā ti.

  2. A few things that may be fought in court:

    res gestae- things done
    res ipsa loquitur- the thing speaks for itself
    res judicata- judged thing
    res, non verba- actions speak louder than words
    res nullius- nobody’s property

  3. Don’t forget the res publica, the public thing. The last people who tried fighting it in these parts didn’t do too well, but statues of them seem to inspire great passion.

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