Contest: Quick Update

Sorry I’ve taken so long to get to this.  I’ve a new project that is demanding all of my attention–it really wants to be written right now, and my opinion on the matter doesn’t interest it.  But I plan to get to this SOON.  The amazing Jenphalian is helping me with it, so that should be encouraging.  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.

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7 thoughts on “Contest: Quick Update”

  1. Wondering if you will post results in stages … ie: first you announce the “finalists” and then, with the predequisitse (virtual) drumroll of course, the winner(s):

    * (patiently) waiting with bated breath *

  2. We care a lot
    We care a lot
    We care a lot about this contest, all our quips and puns
    About Steven striving to write more
    We care a lot about the Hugos and the authors who don’t get in
    We care a lot about the Puppies and the fucks that we could give

    Woah! Oh it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.
    Oh it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.

  3. I heard your mention of the project on the Startup Geometry podcast. Very intriguing. The contest can certainly wait.

  4. Don’t be sorry. Go at your own pace. I’m betting many of here aren’t expecting to win and just think it was a fun exercise to have entered and been in the creative company of other talented writers.

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